D&C 30-35

I felt good about this lesson when it was over.  My attempt to accommodate my visually impaired student was successful, and the discussion was pretty great. The student in class who was a former seminary teacher texted me afterward to thank me for it.  It’s nice to have a good lesson every now and again. I started out with my “look over what you read and share something you liked”…
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Sharing scripture counsel with serving missionaries

By Darcie Johnson Mangum Darcie Johnson Mangum : #DandC30thru32 class was amazing today! I had decided to have the students read these sections, looking for their favorite counsel and encouragement for missionaries, and then we would make a collage of their favorite phrases and verses to give to our elders and sisters serving in our ward. So they read, and when time to share, I didn’t even have to draw…
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Group wall post by Rachel Young McClelland

By Rachel Young McClelland Rachel Young McClelland : Who posted the lesson idea of showing a video of a missionary opening his/her mission call related possibly to dandc 30-34? Does anyone else remember reading that one? Was it in the comments or an actual post? 2 (5 hours ago) Jill Poppleton Velez : I remember seeing that post. Can you search in the group something like “missionary opening call” to…
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Whitmer Mock Trial

By Lisa Cunningham Hettinger Lisa Cunningham Hettinger : I taught D&C 30 today, about the Whitmer boys. We had mock trials where the students played the roles of prosecutor, defender, judge and defendant. I separated the kids into groups and each group was assigned one brother to study. For resource material, they studied Section 30 as well as a biography of their assigned brother. I also printed out a few…
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Almost finished with Isaiah

After the lesson on Isaiah 29, suddenly the Isaiah lessons started going much more smoothly. I’m not sure why that lesson was so particularly hard, but it was. That’s the chapter with the scripture mastery in it. I think that I added that one to the reading list. Talk about difficult. But I guess I caught my stride, and the Isaiah lessons haven’t been the terrible slog I thought they’d…
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