D&C 20-23

Okay — this lesson bombed for me.  Even I was bored teaching this junk.  The ladies seemed fine with it, but I was bored to death. My lesson objectives were Students will learn about the organization of the church Students will review the duties of church offices/priesthood with an eye toward the duties of the members With this group, I try to give a little background history information at the…
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D&C 22-23 Who am I?

By [email protected] (Pam Mueller) Using information from the teacher manual, we played a game of Who Am I? Samuel Smith Hyrum Smith Joseph Smith Sr Joseph Knight Sr I had small bio’s of who these men were. I then typed up questions for the class to ask these men… As the class asked the question, they tried to guess the correct person. If the class could not guess the correct…
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Group wall post by Marjean Jones Livingston

By Marjean Jones Livingston Marjean Jones Livingston : Any ideas on lesson 30.. #22-23? 1 (16 hours ago) Patricia Crockett DuBray : I had 5 young men dress up (a brought several large old shirts, a few hats, overalls, a big heavy coat etc) as Oliver, Joseph Sr, Jospeh Knight, Hyrum and Samuel. They wore their names on strings around their necks and we asked them questions about their life…
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