D&C 20-23

Okay — this lesson bombed for me.  Even I was bored teaching this junk.  The ladies seemed fine with it, but I was bored to death. My lesson objectives were Students will learn about the organization of the church Students will review the duties of church offices/priesthood with an eye toward the duties of the members With this group, I try to give a little background history information at the…
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By Linette Teerlink Linette Teerlink: Showing this clip during my lesson on #dandc21 Organization of the Church #elderballard #goodshipzion 11 (10 hours ago) Facebook video: Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

Video: We Ever Pray for Thee – Mormon Tabernacle Choir

By Susan Harvey Susan Harvey : #DandC21 4 (20 hours ago) Facebook video: Sharon Bonchek Hays : Did you find this on YouTube? I can’t use fb at our church building even though we have wifi. I don’t know why, but I can’t play it. I am trying to download it, but can’t find a link that is not from fb. If you could help Susan Harvey it would…
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Group wall post by Marsha Hill

By Marsha Hill Marsha Hill : #dandc21 #prophet “When I was a young wife and mother, my husband spent two years in the air force. We lived in military housing on Long Island, New York. While tending our young children, I often visited with neighbors who had come from all over the country. One day as a neighbor and I were talking about our beliefs, she became curious about what…
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Group wall post by Kristen Bradshaw Danielson

By Kristen Bradshaw Danielson Kristen Bradshaw Danielson : Anyone have any ideas for teaching #dandc21 Lesson 29? I’ve got sleep deprived teacher’s block. :/ 2 (48 minutes ago) Patricia Crockett DuBray : As a readiness activity I had pre-recorded sound effects. I had the youth number their paper 1-15 vertically and as they listened they wrote the identified sounds. We then talked about how to hear and recognize the words…
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Prophets are called by God

Primary Talks

Diane S. Nichols, “Sharing Time: The Prophet Speaks for Heavenly Father,” Friend, Jan 2001, 14 “For his word ye shall receive, as if from mine own mouth, in all patience and faith (D&C 21:5).” Pretend that it’s a beautiful summer evening and you have been playing outside with your brothers and sisters. Now imagine that your mom calls to you and asks you to tell them to come in for…
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