2018 Mutual Theme: Peace in Him

It’s that time of year again — the Church has released the 2018 mutual theme!  For the first time, I took a couple of weeks’ working vacation to work on theme posters and printables for the theme. I spent a few days of uninterrupted time to come up with different logos for the theme.  I took a three week vacation to Europe, during which I spent much of the time…
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Warn Your Neighbor

Here is a great attention activity for #dandc88:77-85 that comes from the old seminary manual. It is about warning your neighbor. I used it this morning and it went really well!
From the old manual~~
“Give the first student who arrives in class a note with the following message: ‘Notice: All those who fold their arms for at least one minute during the devotional today will receive a reward.’ Watch and see if the student shares that information with others. After the devotional, give a small reward to each student who followed the instructions, and then ask the first student: Why did you (or didn’t you) share the information about the reward with other students? Tell students: Imagine you knew a natural disaster was approaching your town. Would you warn your neighbors? Why or why not? Do we have the responsibility to do so? How quickly would you want others to warn you if you were unaware? Read D&C 88:81-82 and ask: How do those verses relate to the example? Why does the Lord want us to warn others? Read verses 77-80. What must we do before we can warn our neighbors? Who do you think the word ‘neighbor’ refers to?”
The student that I gave the note to had shared the information with some but not with others (which was perfect!). After the devotional I went around the classroom with a bag of Twix bars and rewarded those who had folded their arms during the devotional. Those who hadn’t were kind of amazed that I actually didn’t give them one!
I then added a detour into #dandc137:6-8 to offer those who didn’t know about the “law” to receive their reward post-devotional. :)
It certainly got everyone’s attention!
What a brilliant idea. Too bad I’m already in section 89….I’ll have to keep this in mind for the next time. :-)
I think it would also work really well with D&C 137.
Following for 88
This is perfect. Thanks.
Thank you Jeanne, I used this on Friday with a slight, but more obvious alteration. I had them stand up whenever they said “suffer/ed” when we were working on memorizing D&C 19:16-19. It so confused those who hadn’t been told, but by the end of the scripture mastery time, they decided to follow their peer’s examples. It lead to a really good discussion about how powerful just our examples can be in “warning” our neighbors.

Program/Worksheet for the First LDS Church Meeting

It wasn’t known as the LDS Church on April 6, 1830, but this is what a program for the newly organized Church of Christ might have looked like on that historic day. Church Organized Handout in form of Sacrament Meeting Program D&C 20-21 Church Organized Handout in form of Sacrament Meeting Program D&C 20-21

D&C 17-19

This lesson was another winner. I am relieved that things seem to be going along steadily. Today we talked about the Three Witnesses, the Atonement with an emphasis on repentance and punishment, and covered the job description of the Twelve Apostles. We had a nonmember who had just moved into the building show up and stay. She’s Catholic, so she didn’t agree within some of the things we said, but…
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Group wall post by Jenny Smith

By Jenny Smith Jenny Smith : Someone asked for ways to save money on the #seminarybudget. I’m not teaching teenagers — my class is offered through the RS — so I have no budget, and my class meets in the theater of a local senior citizens center, so there’s no teaching equipment available to me. I need a chalk or dry erase board sometimes, so I’ve been using this substitute….
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Sections 19 & 20 Worksheets

Section 19 is full of wonderful doctrines and principles. Here I have a worksheet that helps your students learn to identify some of those doctrines and principles in the scriptures by matching the principle with the verses. Make sure to take time and discuss the powerful principles and why it would be important to know these truths. Section 20 has the blessing on the bread prayer. So below I have…
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God is the Father of my Spirit

Primary Talks

Henry B. Eyring, “Draw Closer to God,” Friend, Feb 1992, inside front cover (Adapted from an April 1991 general conference address. See Ensign, May 1991, pages 65–67.) Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you (D&C 88:63). You can talk with people every day who say that God does not exist or is far, far away. A woman who sat next to me on a plane once…
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