The scriptures give counsel

I’m attaching a handout about scripture study Thanks for all the great stuff you offer on your site — it makes my preparation much easier! Emily B Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine cown understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. (Proverbs 3:5-6) O, remember, my son, and learn bwisdom in thy youth; yea, learn in thy…
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President Monson quote card

mama4boys says “I have attached a handout for  “The Word of God as a Standard”. I printed the handout, cut out individual sections and then glued it to the back of the 3×4 picture of President Monson.  I purchased the pictures for less than $0.50 at either Seagull or Deseret Book. The picture of President Monson was taken at General Conference of his profile with a warm smile. In addition to scriptures from…
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Handling Disruptive Students

From the Gospel Teaching and Learning Handbook: Correct disorderly or inappropriate behavior. There are some general principles to keep in mind that will help a teacher invite proper order and respect in the classroom. To have order does not always mean having complete silence; nor does it mean that a class cannot be enjoyable and fun. But a disorderly or irreverent student or group of students can have a negative…
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D&C 18 Wanted Posters

By [email protected] (Pam Mueller) This was a super fun activity… They made “Wanted Posters” for finding Apostles. In D&C 18 Oliver Cowdery and David Whitmer were charged with the task of searching out the twelve. Reading D&C 18 provided us with responsibilities and what qualities an apostle needs. I really liked their response…Needs a middle initial!! Source:: Seminary Moments – Pam Mueller

Group wall post by Priscilla Presnell

By Priscilla Presnell Priscilla Presnell: We did #DandC18 second half yesterday. I had the kids make a wanted poster like a job description searching for apostles. They had to read the verses and decide what kind of men would qualify. They did great and one girl put at the bottom of her poster, “Your Boss is out of this world!” seminary is awesome!!! 4 (36 minutes ago) Source:: LDS Seminary…
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D&C 17-19

This lesson was another winner. I am relieved that things seem to be going along steadily. Today we talked about the Three Witnesses, the Atonement with an emphasis on repentance and punishment, and covered the job description of the Twelve Apostles. We had a nonmember who had just moved into the building show up and stay. She’s Catholic, so she didn’t agree within some of the things we said, but…
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Group wall post by Rachel Heder Short

By Rachel Heder Short Rachel Heder Short : I am teaching Lesson 23, D&C 18:17-47 tomorrow. To illustrate the point of taking upon the name of Christ, I was thinking of making the kids nametags with their name followed by, “disciple of Christ” and make them wear it during class. I want them to imagine what it would be like if they wore that all day at school and how…
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