D&C 17-19

This lesson was another winner. I am relieved that things seem to be going along steadily. Today we talked about the Three Witnesses, the Atonement with an emphasis on repentance and punishment, and covered the job description of the Twelve Apostles. We had a nonmember who had just moved into the building show up and stay. She’s Catholic, so she didn’t agree within some of the things we said, but…
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Video: New Day for the Book of Mormon

By Lisa May Lisa May : For those who haven’t watched this – it’s pretty incredible. Enjoy ;-) 4 (1 hour ago) Brian William Haas : It fits well with #DandC17 if you have not taught it yet. (54 minutes ago) Jennifer Simms Hansen : Thanks! (21 minutes ago) Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

Group wall post by Jenny Smith

By Jenny Smith Jenny Smith : Someone asked for ways to save money on the #seminarybudget. I’m not teaching teenagers — my class is offered through the RS — so I have no budget, and my class meets in the theater of a local senior citizens center, so there’s no teaching equipment available to me. I need a chalk or dry erase board sometimes, so I’ve been using this substitute….
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Gain a personal testimony of Joseph Smith

By Ben Lewis Ben Lewis : I can’t stop thinking about Elder Anderson’s invitation to gain a personal testimony of Joseph Smith and how relevant this is to current seminary students. I know that Elder Anderson outlined steps of 1) Find scriptures from the Book of Mormon that you know are true, 2) Share them with friends and family, 3) Read Joseph Smith’s testimony in the Pearl of Great Price…
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