D&C 121-123: The Missouri Mormon War and Extermination Order

This was a fun lesson to research.  I am really enjoying the Joseph Smith Papers videos and finding they are very helpful in setting the stage for my class.  Since they are older and I have more time per lesson, we are able to get into some really interesting history details. I was interested to know that sections 121-3 are all from a 29 page letter Joseph Smith wrote while…
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Liberty Jail D&C 121-123 Helps

Here is the PowerPoint and a visual I used when I taught the Multi-Stake Training in January.  The PowerPoint has stories and visual you might like.  The best parts is having the kids list on the board what they learned from the verses listed.The second attachment is the full text of the letter Joseph wrote from Liberty. D&C 121-123 was taken from the very large letter written by Joseph Smith a few weeks before the group escaped. Although the two part letter was written in 1839, i […]

Learning Assessment Information

Here is the PDF of the presentation on the Learning Assessment I gave on Saturday.  I hope it helps alleviate fears about giving it.  Remember to talk to your coordinator about questions you have.  I am also linking FORM A of the Learning Assessment.  Most of the information from my presentation comes from the instructions in the form.  Find out from your coordinator if you are to use FORM A or FORM B. I will post stuff from my D&C 121-123 presentation later as […]

Handling Disruptive Students

From the Gospel Teaching and Learning Handbook: Correct disorderly or inappropriate behavior. There are some general principles to keep in mind that will help a teacher invite proper order and respect in the classroom. To have order does not always mean having complete silence; nor does it mean that a class cannot be enjoyable and fun. But a disorderly or irreverent student or group of students can have a negative…
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How to Teach with the Spirit

When I first began teaching, I kept hearing people say that teachers should “teach with the Spirit”.  What did that even mean?  It’s not like I can control when the Holy Ghost testifies or if another person can hear or listen to him, right?  Does teaching with the spirit mean I should scrap the manual and wing my lessons? A lot of teachers I observed didn’t feel a lesson was…
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Increasing Student Participation during Gospel Lessons

Most gospel teachers struggle with classroom participation. Sometimes you’ll get a classroom of students who are very active and loud, and other times you may have a classroom of very quiet students. We want students to enjoy each other, but “between the prayers” we want them to talk about the gospel — not Friday night’s game. Following are some ideas to help you increase appropriate discussion in your classroom: Talk…
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Lesson 34 ~ Manual 1

I actually get to teach this lesson so there will be a second post with my quotes and printable things that I used for the lesson. 
This lesson is mostly a talk from Boyd K Packer which is amazing. What an important lesson especially for today’s youth when they always seem to have their earbuds in. 
I am going to start off my lesson with the object lesson I found on Sugardoodle by Sue Curtis “Don’t think about M&M’s”
Lesson 34 ~ Manual 1
I think it makes a great point that what we listen to does fill our minds even if we don’t want it to. 
I also thought I would explain what garnish means. 
garnish the dish with chopped parsley: decorate, adorn, ornament, trim, dress, embellish; enhance, grace, beautify, prettify, add the finishing touch to.
keep a few sprigs for a garnish: decoration, adornment, trim, trimming, ornament, ornamentation, embellishment, enhancement, finishing touch; Cooking chiffonade.
and see if they could make a connection with the scripture  “Let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly” (D&C 121:45)
Also on my table I will have some things that “garnish”. 
The rest of the lesson is the talk from Boyd K Packer that I will divide up for reading and attached to that I will put two candy eyeballs which works great since the Halloween candy is already coming out. 
Lesson 34 ~ Manual 1
To make it not quite so long a reading I will show THIS video which is the first part about the irrigation and water. 
After they have read through and answered the questions following I thought that THIS object lesson was a great way to reinforce how much we are influenced by what we hear. 
Or I read somewhere that someone used their phone ringtones and played a few and asked the girls how they felt when she  played them to show how we’re influenced by music. 
While I was reading through this lesson IPod’s kept coming to my mind and then I remembered seeing an IPod Valentine on line. 
Lesson 34 ~ Manual 1
I will put a quote about music in the screen and on the back the scripture “Let virtue garnish thy thoughts” 
Instructions to make these can be found HERE
I am also considering having the girls bring their IPods and maybe do a little cleaning on their playlists. 
Have a great lesson!!
***added 9/10/12
I also added another object lesson about garnish. After we read the definition of garnish I pulled out two glasses. The first I dipped in hot fudge and then sprinkles. I then filled the glass with milk and added a small doughnut which I’d made a slit in to the rim of the glass and finished with a cute stripy straw. The second glass I dipped  the rim in maple syrup that had dirt in it and then in paper scraps. I then added the milk and added a brown banana slice to the rim and a chewed up straw. We talked about how both glasses were ganished but what the garnish was made a difference. Just like our thoughts should be garnished with virtue not garbage. 

Lesson 34 ~ Manual 1

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