D&C 8-9, 11-16

After last week, I thought that the class might be dwindling to an unsustainable level. Even though people keep expressing “interest” many were not showing up or were scheduling other appointments during class time. I was thinking that we might be approaching a time that we would have reassess the need for the class. But yesterday’s class was surprisingly big! We had 9 sisters show up, most of whom were…
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Receiving Revelation

I used this handout to teach the principle of Receiving Revelation to my adult gospel study class. It covers basically D&C 8-9 and 11-16, according to the new Seminary manual.  There’s an emphasis on understanding with both the mind and heart, and includes the following quotes/ideas: “Communication through the spirit is not a passive or routine thing. but requires study, effort, and the formulation of possible resolutions. These can then…
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D&C 6, 11, 12, 14 Side by Side Comparison

Have your class imagine that they lived in Joseph Smith’s time and they had the opportunity to ask the Prophet, “What would the Lord have me do?” Have that question written on the board and refer to it. Ask your class if they imagine that some elements of their personal revelation would have similarities to others’ who asked the Prophet the same question. President Joseph Fielding Smith taught that “in…
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We are moving to where you can find Come Follow Me Lesson ideas for the new 2019 curriculum Dismiss