D&C 3, 10 116 pages Lost

I did this years ago and thought it would be fun to do again.  

I took a file folder and wrote in white crayon on the inside front cover. They had to dip a q-tip in colored water and rub over to reveal the Top Secret case they were to solve.

D&C 3, 10 116 pages Lost

Each of them received a Detective Badge…and put them on

D&C 3, 10 116 pages Lost

Then went off to a quiet place in the building

D&C 3, 10 116 pages Lost

Where they worked to solve the mystery

D&C 3, 10 116 pages Lost

“Best part”, once again, they were looking in the scriptures to find answers.  A great principal they will need to use throughout their lives

Some of the Questions were:

1.  The Plot- D&C 10: 9-18


1.   The Motive- D&C 10:19

W.Who are the suspects? D&C 3:9, 12-13; 10: 7-8, section heading
1.  Satan’s reasoning-D&C 10:20-29

1.  According to D&C 10: 44-46 what was on the small plates of Nephi that was of greater worth than what was lost on the 116 pages of manuscript?

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