D&C 77-87

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We had a school holiday and so it has been two weeks since our last lesson.  This was a super interesting experience.  Another random person showed up for class.  As class started going on, it came out that she had studied with the Mormons before briefly, and her husband was a “priest in the Mormon […]

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“The Vision” Helps for D&C 76 & 77

The first document is a glue-in where Philo Dibble (a witness to Joseph and Sidney having the Vision) gives some fascinating context of what he saw from his perspective. dc_76_gluein.pdfFile Size: 261 kbFile Type: pdfDownload File The next is a color coded glue-in. I like to have my students color code Section 76: the Vision of God and Celestial glory is in Yellow; Terrestrial glory is in Orange, Telestial glory…
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Revelation 1-22

We finished the book of Revelation yesterday, and all I can say is that three weeks is TOO DANG LONG for this content.  Ignore the pacing guide and spend an extra week in the epistles.  The problem with Revelation is that there isn’t much revealed information to help you answer kids’ really hard questions.  You can find multiple theories on every single item within the book, but if you are…
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Revelation 8-16 Study Guide

This handout was specificacreated to help teenagers understand the text of Revelation 8-16. Formatted to print front to back with space to punch holes. All LDS Sources. ———————– Revelation 8-9 I want the Latter-day Saints to understand their position. Our trust is in God. … We are living at the commencement of the Millennium, and near the close of the 6,000th year of the world’s history. Tremendous events await this…
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