Heritage handout and quotes

I am 15 yrs old, and each of the young women in our ward are paired into teams to teach. My team’s lesson for this month is the one on heritage. After looking at several other people’s handouts online, I created one that I think is fabulous. It has several quotes, one from Jeffrey R Holland, and the other from Elaine Cannon. I included some of the basics ideas and…
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Indebted Handout Joy Card by Emily R

This is a handout I created for Young Women’s Manual 3, Lesson 28: Law of Consecration and Sacrifice I saw an example of this on the Mormonshare website, but I was only allowed to click a link to see it.  When I clicked the link it said the page was no longer available.  So I decided to take the idea and make it myself. The scripture at the begining and…
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The scriptures give counsel

I’m attaching a handout about scripture study Thanks for all the great stuff you offer on your site — it makes my preparation much easier! Emily B Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine cown understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. (Proverbs 3:5-6) O, remember, my son, and learn bwisdom in thy youth; yea, learn in thy…
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President Monson quote card

mama4boys says “I have attached a handout for  “The Word of God as a Standard”. I printed the handout, cut out individual sections and then glued it to the back of the 3×4 picture of President Monson.  I purchased the pictures for less than $0.50 at either Seagull or Deseret Book. The picture of President Monson was taken at General Conference of his profile with a warm smile. In addition to scriptures from…
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Book of Mormon Doctrinal Mastery 8.5×11 Posters

FREE 2017 Book of Mormon Doctrinal Mastery 8.5×11 posters with reference and rhyme (example: A testimony then – Moroni 10), and key doctrinal statement. The color on the reference corresponds to the doctrines as follows: gray-Acquiring Spiritual Knowledge, purple-Godhead, light blue-Plan of Salvation, red-Atonement of Jesus Christ, green-Restoration, brown-Prophets and Revelation, yellow-Priesthood and Priesthood Keys, orange-Ordinances and Covenants, pink-Marriage and Family, blue-Commandments. Color Key included. The posters are pdf files…
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Integrating Scripture Mastery Passages Into Your Lesson

Throughout the Seminary year — but especially as you approach the end of the year — you may wish to look for ways to introduce (for younger students) or reinforce (for graduating seniors) all 100 Seminary Scripture Mastery (SM) scriptures. Here are a few possible ideas to help you do so: Give students a list of all 100 SM scriptures for them to glue into their scriptures. Have an in-class…
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Scripture Mastery Scripture Chain Activity Day

This information was originally published at and sent out as part of Ken Alford’s email list to Seminary teachers. In the next several [Seminary-Notes] messages, we’ll consider some ideas for “non-game” scripture mastery activity days that you might wish to try. The first idea is to hold two “scripture mastery scripture chain” activity days. Scripture Mastery Scripture Chain Activity Day (Day 1)  ============================================ Assign small student teams to create scripture…
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“Two Truths & A Lie”

Sorry it has been so long since sharing.  I’m getting uses to a new schedule and things. Today I taught Noah and the flood. The big principles I taught were:2 Nephi 26:24 and the flood was an act of love to the righteous, wicked, and the unborn.Genesis 6:5 Controlling our thoughts and how to do that with Elder Packard’s talk, “Inspiring Music-Worthy Thoughts” JANUARY 1974Genesis 6:11-12 about how violent media is worse for us than some think. Then I did a work […]

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