Review: “Seek The Lord Early” Lip Sync

By Erin Isenberg Inspiration for these characters comes courtesy of Jennifer on the Captain Moroni David Esther Joseph Joseph Smith Mary Nephi Noah Stripling Warrior Captain Moroni Captain Moroni was still a young man when he took command of the Nephite army as they defended themselves from the Lamanites and Zoramites. He told his people that they must defend their country, family, freedom, peace and religion. With much prayer and…
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Review: “seek The Lord Early” Lip Sync

Downloaded from: Inspiration for these characters comes courtesy of Jennifer on the Choristers Facebook Page.  All credit to her :)  I told you that these Sisters were geniuses!I’ve modified the activity a bit based on ideas from this talk given by Robert J. Matthews.  I want to reinforce to the children how important it is to seek the Lord early, and what they can accomplish with the Lord’s help, even…
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The “war Chapters”

Downloaded from: Alma 43-62 are known as the “War Chapters” in the Book of Mormon.In his book, Righteous Warriors: Lessons from the War Chapters in the Book of Mormon, John Bytheway does a masterful job of sharing the main principles of each chapter. Either for teaching the Book of Mormon or for your personal study, this book is a wonderful resource. For teachers, the chapters are divided the following…
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