Alma 40-42- What Happens When We Die?

Downloaded from: Life is often viewed in the world as an incomplete puzzle.People have pieces of understanding, BUT often don’thave a complete understanding of how life and deathfit together I broke them up into two groups for this activity. I made up my own pattern for a puzzle. On each piece I wrote a scripture verse from Alma 40-42 that related to the spirit world and the Resurrection.Then I…
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Alma 32-58

Believe it or not, I can totally sum up the rest of Alma in one blog post.  Since last I posted we’ve had Seminary less than 10 times.  Last week we met only once due to another snowstorm and another freezing rain event. At this point I can’t even remember which days we met and which we didn’t without looking at our attendance sheets, which I have ignored entering in…
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Alma 40-41 The Resurrection & Justice

Downloaded from: There is much to cover in Alma 40-42. It is good to emphasize one or two doctrines when teaching Alma 40-41. I focused on the fact that there is a resurrection, that many witnesses have testified of this reality, and … Continue reading →

{Sharing Time} Heavenly Father Has A Plan For His Children

Downloaded from: Sharing Time Idea from the 2014 Primary OutlineIDENITFY THE DOCTRINE (saying the doctrine): Have three children come to the front of the room. Have the first say, “Heavenly Father,” the second, “has a plan,” and the third, “for His children.” Divide the children into three groups, and ask each group to stand and, with the help of the three children as leaders, repeat their part of the sentence….
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