Alma 31

Today’s lesson went well despite a minor snafu — I nearly slept in! I woke up rested, which as all you Seminary teachers know is an unusual and unfamiliar state in your life during winter.  It took a few moments to register that I was probably feeling good because somehow I had slept in.  It took another few minutes for Jared to find a clock and check the time —…
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{Sharing Time} The Scriptures Teach Me How To Pray.

Downloaded from: IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE: Hold up the scriptures and ask the children to tell you some of the things we learn about in the scriptures. Tell the children that one of the things we can learn about in the scriptures is how to pray. ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING AND APPLICATION (hearing a scripture story): Tell the story of Alma and Amulek teaching the Zoramites (see Alma 31; 33–34). Invite the children to…
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Revelation 17-22 Study Guide

This handout was created to help teenage students with Revelation 17-22.  All LDS sources. Formatted for back to back printing with space for holes to be punched. —————- Revelation 17-19 Revelation 17:1 – The Great Whore of the Earth One of the most indisputable things about the Apocalypse is the vividness of the symbolism and imagery used by John. The kingdom of Satan, in all its opulent and wicked splendor,…
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Repentance Object Lesson

Object Lesson

Hand out the objects. Explain that each object can be used to handle stains on clothing. Ask the students how s/he would use her/his object to treat a stain: Spot Treater – apply to stain and wash later. Crayons/Markers – create a decoration around the stain, making it look pretty. Patch – cover stain. Wet Wipes – try to wipe away as much as you can. Explain that sin is…
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