#BOMTC Day 45, May 21~Alma 30-31 or Pages 280-286: Are You a Puppet or an Instrument?

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Click graphic to read Alma 30-31 Previously we studied about the anti-Christs Sherem (see Jacob 7) and Nehor (see Alma 1). One definition of anti-Christ is “anyone or anything that counterfeits the true gospel plan of salvation and that openly or secretly opposes Christ” (“Antichrist,”). In Alma 30, an anti-Christ named Korihor began…#BOMTC Day 45, May 21~Alma 30-31 or Pages 280-286: Are You a Puppet or an Instrument?

Alma 27-30

These past few days are the first I’ve felt I had both feet solidly undeneath me since November.  Just when I thought I was getting a grip, our family careened headlong into another crisis. The strain has just been so much.  I collapsed again into a deep depression with a short triggered relapse while Jared and I were on our trip to the Bahamas. Who knew you could be depressed…
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Revelation 17-22 Study Guide

This handout was created to help teenage students with Revelation 17-22.  All LDS sources. Formatted for back to back printing with space for holes to be punched. —————- Revelation 17-19 Revelation 17:1 – The Great Whore of the Earth One of the most indisputable things about the Apocalypse is the vividness of the symbolism and imagery used by John. The kingdom of Satan, in all its opulent and wicked splendor,…
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Billboard Words

These words say a lot without a lot of letters. And they are meant to draw our attention in a hurry–just like a billboard–and usually there is a message just after them that we were intended to focus on. Look for “Wo”(especially double or triple Wos), “O,” “Thus,” “And Thus we see,” “Behold,” “Nevertheless,” “Therefore,” “Yea”,” “Now,” “Likewise,” “Let us,” “Finally,” etc. Today, we use superlatives such as: “good, better,…
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