#BOMTC Day 39, May 15~Alma 12-13 or Pages 238-244: A Tale of Two Cities–Which One Are You?

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Click graphic to read Alma 12-13 After Amulek’s words brought Zeezrom “to tremble under a consciousness of his guilt” (Alma 12:1), Alma stood to expound upon what Amulek had taught. Because the people in Ammonihah had become wicked, Alma focused on truths that would help them repent…#BOMTC Day 39, May 15~Alma 12-13 or Pages 238-244: A Tale of Two Cities–Which One Are You?

{Sharing Time} Heavenly Father Has A Plan For His Children

Downloaded from: Sharing Time Idea from the 2014 Primary OutlineIDENITFY THE DOCTRINE (saying the doctrine): Have three children come to the front of the room. Have the first say, “Heavenly Father,” the second, “has a plan,” and the third, “for His children.” Divide the children into three groups, and ask each group to stand and, with the help of the three children as leaders, repeat their part of the sentence….
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Restitution and Restoration

Object Lesson

Items Needed: Breakable object that can be fixed with glue Glue A raw Egg A bowl Lesson Idea: Break the breakable item (or show two broken pieces) and have a participant come up and glue them together. Discuss making mistakes and making restitution. Break the egg in the bowl and have another student come up and try to put the egg back together with glue. Discuss why it cannot be…
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So now you know. Satan deceives. That was an actual license plate on a car I was behind the other day. There are really a lot of gospel messages on plates around here. I can’t decide if I like it or am creeped out by it. The ward temple trip was Friday. We had a really great turnout. Our goal is always 50, and this time we had 48. 26…
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