“what Are The Duties Of Priesthood Holders?” Lesson Help

Downloaded from: Here is an outline of what I did for the lesson that goes with“What are the duties of priesthood holders?” Lesson.from “Come, Follow Me” Have the girls name all the Priesthood duties they see performed at church and in life in general.  You can make a web of their responses on the chalkboard.Girls can copy it into their INBs2. Then, using different colors to represent: deacon, teacher, priest,…
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LDS Dispensations Handout

This LDS dispensations handout is based on the super cool walkthrough at… .  Sister Jensen’s image and idea make it easy to visualize the major gospel dispensations.   I changed some of the dates and a few other typographical errors.  I also added the definition of a dispensation from the Encyclopedia of Mormonism. What is a dispensation? “Dispensations” are … time periods in which the Lord placed on the earth…
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Lift Others To Higher Ground

Downloaded from: Acts 3 (Adapt for the 2013 Theme-Stand In Holy Places)My friend, Pam, at Seminary Moments gave me this fabulous idea. It was based on the paper plate activity I used at the beginning of the year. She adapted it in a completely new way. We discussed James and John healing the lame man and “lifting him to higher ground”, literally and figuratively. The students had to follow a…
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Nt Acts 3 Lifting Burdens

Downloaded from: Started off class by having them silently read Acts 3:1-9Then showed this video:We discussed what else or who else can the lame man, Peter & John and the healing represent. They came up with some great answers!Lame man could be, those without the gospel, us, sinPeter & John could be missionaries, Savior, us doing baptisms for the deadHealing could be the words of Christ, Atonement, temple work…
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Acts of the Apostles 1-12

We started out the book of Acts with some excitement — or something like it.  Some terrible weather rolled in to the area, resulting in changes to the student’s exam and class schedules.  We had to cut out several days of class, but it didn’t hurt our reading schedule too much. January is always like this for us.  I don’t know why we can’t start school three weeks earlier so…
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Testimony vs Conversion worksheet

There is a lesson on conversion in the New Testament manual for Seminary. When one of my students brought up this issue at the end of class yesterday, I decided to create this handout for use during class to help us get through the topic a little faster. Conversion vs. Testimony What is a testimony? A testimony is the statement or declaration of a witness under oath or affirmation, usually…
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