Nt Acts 27-28 “be Of Good Cheer”

Downloaded from: The kids loved Acts 28, learning about Paul being bitten by a viper. The viper just dangled from his hand and he shook it off like no big deal. Meanwhile everyone around him thought he was dead for sure! During his long ordeal of being caught at sea for 14 days in a violent storm, Paul receives comfort and gives comfort to those on board ship with…
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Acts 21-28

This was a short week due to the President’s day holiday, but we were able to do 8 chapters.  From now on the material is going to go faster and faster.  So far I don’t think that we are having any problems keeping up on the reading.  I did some averaging last week, and our daily reading is 96%.  That means that on an average day, 15.36 out of 16…
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Acts 27-28, Making Dating Smooth Sailing: From First Date to Eternal Mate!

Downloaded from: —“There is definitely a time …for associations [FriendSHIP], for the date [RelationSHIP], and even for the steady date [CourtSHIP] that will culminate in the romance which will take young people to the holy temple for eternal marriage [Paradise]. But it is the timing that is so vital. It is wrong to do even the right things at the wrong time in the wrong place under the wrong…
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Acts 27-28, Oh, The Places You’ll Go! Stick to the Ship of Zion

Downloaded from: Stick to the ship of Zion. If boats come to the side, showing beautiful colors and making wonderful promises, do not get off the ship to go to the shore on any other boat; but keep on the ship. If you are badly used by any of those that are on the ship, who have not got the proper spirit, remember the ship itself is alright. We should…
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Acts 27: A Metaphor For Building Zion

Downloaded from: Luke is an eyewitness of the amazing 2,000 mile sea voyage that Paul takes to Rome. Paul’s friend Aristarchus (Acts 27:2) accompanies Paul and Luke on this journey. The fact that Paul’s guard Julius allows Paul to take liberty while … Continue reading →

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