Nt Acts 22-23 Paul

Downloaded from: Who is Paul? What was his occupation? What did he look like? What kind of a voice did he have? Where was he born? These and many more questions were answered. We took our journals and looked up scriptures to find out: His Occupation Acts 18:3 Ability with languages Acts 21:37-40Birthplace Acts 21:39His teacher Acts 22:3Citizenship Acts 22: 25-29Religious Training Acts 26: 4-5 We learned some of his…
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Nt Acts 21-26 Scripture Football

Downloaded from: Are you ready for some FOOTBALL??(insert the Monday night football TV announcer voice)I played this game with my primary kids YEARS ago:Scripture Football Today, using Acts 21-26, I wrote out some questions. The class was divided into two teams, they sat in two circles with their scriptures. I gave the scripture passage, read the question and gave them 15 seconds to find the answer. If they got…
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Acts 21-28

This was a short week due to the President’s day holiday, but we were able to do 8 chapters.  From now on the material is going to go faster and faster.  So far I don’t think that we are having any problems keeping up on the reading.  I did some averaging last week, and our daily reading is 96%.  That means that on an average day, 15.36 out of 16…
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Missionary Preparation Worksheet

I will use this worksheet with our study of Acts 21 and Acts 22 tomorrow.  It is a worksheet based loosely on the lesson in the NT Seminary manual.   I altered it to demonstrate that students in our class are also preparing for missions right now in ways they may not have considered.  I am using it as independant work while I give out report cards and meet with…
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Acts 21-23, “I Am READY”

Downloaded from: “It is not a question of if we are ready for the tests; it is a matter of when. We must prepare to be ready for tests that will present themselves without warning.” (ROBERT D. HALES, “Behold, We Count Them Happy Which Endure”. Ensign, May 1998)

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