Ephesians 1-6, Countering Satan’S Counterfeits When Encountered

Downloaded from: I used Acts 19 as a springboard for Ephesians because it helped set up some of the content and context involved in this epistle. Although the epistle is written long after the events involving the citizens and saints of Ephesus in Acts 19, it is a great LIKENING tool. In Acts 19 we find three different […]

Nt Acts 19-21

Downloaded from: Years ago, when I taught in Primary, I made a roller box. It has been years since I thought about it. It seems I have been in the youth programs for ever. There is no better calling and I would simply cry if ever taken out of it! However, the more I teach seminary, the more I find the simpler things I did in primary, can be…
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Acts 13-20

Monday of this week was a free day.  I planned to celebrate birthdays with a party and watch movies, but my class president didn’t organize the food, so we ended up just watching Bible Video movies.  Not great.   I don’t like wasting time like that. Acts 13-14 – Paul’s First Mission My lesson objective this day was to talk about why some people accept the gospel while others do not,…
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