Beware False Idols: Acts 16-20

Downloaded from: We made False Idols today. It was very effective and created some great discussion.We discussed how easily people are led away from The Lord and begin to worship the false idols of the world.Thanks to my Seminary Friend, Pam, I remembered to break out the Playdough for today’s lesson. I have had several ideas for using Playdough and this worked very well. I used store-bought Playdough as…
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Nt Romans 7-8 Inheiritance

Downloaded from: I had them complete a hidden picture sheet first. This brought several smiles and enthusiastic, “YES” form many of them. They all have fond memories of sitting the doctor’s office, picking up a highlights magazine and looking at the hidden picture page first. We read Romans 8: 38-39 Paul taught the Roman Saints that Heavenly Father will see us out, looking every where for us.Why would He…
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Nt Acts 16-18 Idols

Downloaded from: They busily set about making an idol. (I brought all my play-doh tools/toys and let them create for about 10 min.)   Then they were to place the idols around the room, in random places..This was Paul’s second missionary journey. As he was in Athen’s he was upset to see “the city wholly given to idolatry” (Acts 17:16) He came across an alter that had a sign on it “TO…
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Acts 13-20

Monday of this week was a free day.  I planned to celebrate birthdays with a party and watch movies, but my class president didn’t organize the food, so we ended up just watching Bible Video movies.  Not great.   I don’t like wasting time like that. Acts 13-14 – Paul’s First Mission My lesson objective this day was to talk about why some people accept the gospel while others do not,…
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The Godhead Lesson and Coloring Activity

Lesson You are special! You know many things. Do you know someone who knows everything? Three glorious persons do know everything: God, the Eternal Father; His Son, Jesus Christ; and the Holy Ghost. They are the three members of the Godhead. When the Prophet Joseph Smith wrote the Articles of Faith, he knew that it was important for us to know about the Godhead and to understand how the members…
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