3 Nephi 24-26

Downloaded from: What are hieroglyphics? I put the following scriptures on the board: 3 Nephi 24: 8-9, 10, 11-13, 16-173 Nephi 25:  1, 2, 5-63 Nephi 26:  6,11 I handed out an index card to each of them and had them pick a verse, draw the hieroglyphic and then explain to the class what it meant. I did this one for them to give them an idea of what to…
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{Sponsor Spotlight} Making Precious Things Plain: Your Ultimate Gospel Learning Resource

Downloaded from: We have a new sponsor this month on Little LDS Ideas.You may remember this sponsor from a giveaway that was held a month or so ago…But if you are new to Little LDS Ideas then I would like to introduce you toMaking Precious Things Plain Making Precious Things Plain is a Gospel study resource website that includes lesson plans, handouts, Power Points, audio downloads, e-books, and a…
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Using Art to teach the Gospel

Seminary Mom is big on hands-on activities, something I think is very important. Here are a couple of her ideas for using art to teach different messages in the scriptures: Principles to Live by (Helaman 15-16) Malachi 3 Principles to Live By Today our scripture block was Helaman 15-16. Using the manual I introduced several of the important discussion points for the lesson today. To start off, we read the…
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