2 Nephi 3-4

2 Nephi 3 I took this lesson straight from the manual again with a few alterations. I drew the little stickmen on the board with the scriptures and had 4 kids come up and write who each represented. Then I erased all the stickmen except the one for Joseph Smith, and I had assigned students come up and write the things they discovered about Joseph Smith using the following verses…
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Psalm of Nephi Worksheet for 2 Nephi 4

I used ideas from the manual and from Teaching the Book of Mormon Part One to create this handout for my students.  My goal was for them to really feel connected to Nephi through his frank acknowledgement of his weaknesses and to see from his example that they, too, can rely on the Savior during times of trial. The questions are mostly from the manual.  I am also using the…
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Don’t Let Evil Inside

Object Lesson

Items Needed: A raw egg, food coloring, hypodermic needle (see your local pharmacy), a clear bowl. Previous Preparation: Color the inside of the egg by injecting it with the needle full of food coloring. Lesson Idea: Show the egg.  Put it into the clear bowl.  Ask your family to tell you everything they know about an egg.  Describe an egg.  What is the egg’s potential?  What are its uses?  What…
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I Know the Scriptures are True: 2011 Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentation Theme

2011 Primary Theme is I know the Scriptures are True I’m really excited about the new 2011 Primary theme I Know the Scriptures are True. What a great topic! I can’t wait for my children to strengthen their testimonies of scripture study this year. ***NEW!*** We’ve added pages for every sharing time monthly theme during this year! Click on the links below to find help for each month, including primary…
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