How does connecting different parts of the story in the same or other chapters help make one scene more powerful and meaningful. Look For: Put parts of a story or teaching together (don’t forget previous and future chapters!) and “look for” connections. Examples >1 Samuel 1 –2 Hannah’s sacrifice of giving up her firstborn Samuel when you connect it with the suffering she went through (v. 6-7). It also makes…
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A Home Study Seminary Teacher?

This week is a weird one. The kids are off Wednesday and Thursday for exams. The other teacher is having a surgical procedure this week, too, and so his class isn’t meeting Friday, which means mine isn’t either. Next Monday is a school holiday (which I forgot). And yesterday, the federal government called a 2-hour delay because of ice, which meant the schools did as well, and so Seminary was…
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Regional Seminary Inservice Report – Leading Discussions with Good Questions and Lesson Ideas

We had a regional inservice training the first weekend in January. In this area, Seminary and Institute teachers are invited to a Saturday training that lasts for several hours. This one went from 9 AM to 3 PM, and included lunch. Lunch was the best part :) Our meetings start off with a kind of a keynote address and then we get to choose courses from two sessions in the…
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