Link: How to Gird Up Your Loins: An Illustrated Guide

By Linette Teerlink Linette Teerlink : A humorous yet helpful illustration for the imagery “gird up your loins.” #girdupyourloins 13 (10 hours ago) Debbie D. Duran : I think there is a video clip about it in one of the seminary dvd’s…New Testament or Old? (56 minutes ago) Linette Teerlink : That would be cool! (54 minutes ago) Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

1 Peter 1-5, Peter’S Principles Prepare Peculiar People (2-Day Lesson)

Downloaded from: This was such a success! The positive feedback that I received from the students as a result of this lesson makes me feel that it may have been their best experience all year.  They felt like they could really evaluate where they stand as a member of the Church, and they absolutely LOVED being able […]

James and 1 Peter

James 1-2 I decided to split James into two themes: on the first day, I focused on the scripture masteries, and on the second, we did a review type lesson.  This worked pretty well. We spent a few minutes doing our scripture sort.  Then I gave an introduction to James, based on at least some of the reading. I kept feeling that I needed to leave out an account of his…
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