Nevertheless, I Went Forth

I’ve slept better the past two nights than in the past 5 months.  My aunt is home now with her 24 hour care, and the pressure I’ve been under is beginning to alleviate.  I’m so grateful this all came down at the end of Seminary last year so that I could take care of the management of her home and renovation projects and other sundries when I wasn’t also saddled…
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# Bomtc Day 2, April 8~1 Nephi 4-6 Or Pages 7-12: The Importance Of Scripture

Downloaded from: Reblogged from The Book of Mormon Translation Challenge: 1 Nephi 4-6 is an illustration of the importance of scripture in our lives. Their value is demonstrated as several lives are “on the line” for the Plates of Brass. It is obvious that the Lord is trying to help us understand the great worth of the word […]

Keep the Commandments Scavenger Hunt

Sing “Keep the Commandments” (CS, pp. 146–147). Talk about the importance of knowing what the commandments are so that we can keep them. Have a scripture “scavenger hunt” to “collect” some commandments. Post the following scripture references (but not the words in parentheses) against the chalkboard: Alma 13:28–29 (pray); D&C 1:37 (study scriptures); Ex. 20:8–11 (keep the Sabbath holy); D&C 59:9–12 (attend church and take the sacrament); D&C 119:4 (pay…
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