Downloaded from: What do you think are some reasons we experience hardships?Nephi was obedient, he did all that the Lord asked of him. Then why does he tell us he in 1 Nephi 17:1“We did…wade through much affliction”Elder L. Whitney Clayton of the Seventy explained:“In a general sense, our burdens come from three sources. [1] Some burdens are the natural product of the conditions of the world in which we live….
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{Sharing Time} Prophets & Apostles Show Us How To Serve.

Downloaded from: IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE: Display pictures of Moses, King Benjamin, Joseph Smith, and Thomas S. Monson. Tell the children that these prophets, just like all prophets and apostles, show us how to serve others.ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (playing a guessing game): Prepare clues about how Moses, King Benjamin, Joseph Smith, and Thomas S. Monson show us how to serve. For example, some clues about President Monson could be “I visited widows…
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Going Off Book

It’s getting easier to get up for Seminary now that the days are getting longer again. It’s such a relief to send the kids out in actual sunlight instead of in the dark like we did during December and the start of January. They still arrive in the dark, but sunrise is just 30 minutes away, and so the sky is lighter and it doesn’t seem so awful. If only…
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Can you hear me now?

Object Lesson

Items Needed: One small sewing needle or pin. Lesson Idea: Hold the pin up in the air and tell the participants that you are going to conduct an experiment. You are going to drop the pin on the desk and would like everyone to be quiet so they can all hear it. Drop the pin and have all participants who heard it raise their hands. Repeat the experiment until each…
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