{Sharing Time} The Holy Ghost Speaks In a Still, Small Voice

Sharing Time Ideas from the 2015 Outline

INTRODUCE THE DOCTRINE:In a quiet voice say, “Everyone who can hear my voice, put your finger on your nose. Everyone who can hear my voice, put your hand on your head.” Continue, designating other parts of the body, until all the children are listening to your quiet voice. You could end by asking them to fold their arms. Point out that even though you were speaking quietly, when the children listened, they could hear your voice and obey your instructions. Explain that the Holy Ghost speaks to us in a quiet or still, small voice.

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING:Blindfold a child and lead him or her to a different place in the room. Tell the child, “If you trust me and listen to me, I will guide you back to your seat.” With a soft voice give the child directions to get safely back to his or her seat. Ask, “How is this like the way the Holy Ghost guides us?” Show how the Holy Ghost can be likened to the Liahona by sharing the story of Nephi’s broken bow (see 1 Nephi 16:18–32). Consider using actions as demonstrated in other lessons in this outline (see March, week 3, or August, week 4). Explain that just as the Liahona directed the people according to their faith and diligence, the Holy Ghost will direct us according to our righteousness when we listen for His voice.

Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS IdeasI know I’m extremely late posting this, but I figured I’d still post it in case anyone is looking for ideas.

What you will need for this Sharing Time:

-Wrap a present/gift bag with the words ‘Holy Ghost’ inside. You can also use a picture too.

-Type up several different ways we can invite the Spirit (printable below)

-Type up several different ways that will turn the Spirit away (printable below)

-A chalkboard/poster board- Split the board into 2 sections. At the top label one column ‘Invites the Spirit’ and the other side ‘Turns the Spirit Away.’
-A bucket or bag- you will place all the ‘Invites the Spirit’ and ‘Turns the Spirit Away’ papers in this.

Begin your Sharing Time:

Before Sharing Time, place your gift somewhere in the Primary room. Don’t make it too easy to get to.
Tell the children that we’re going to be talking about something very important today. Tell them that you will need a few helpers to begin. Have 1 child come up and blindfold him/her. Then have 2-3 more children stand up around the room. They will be talking loudly to the blindfolded child (they will try to distract the child). Then choose 1 more child to whisper directions to the blindfolded child.
Show the child that is whispering, where the present it. Tell the blindfolded child that somewhere in the room is an object that he/she needs to find. There is someone here to help, but he/she will need to listen very carefully for the directions he/she will receive.
Have the one child begin telling the blindfolded child where to go. Then have the other 2-3 children begin talking loudly. Have them tell the child to listen to them, come over here, you’re going the wrong way, etc. Make sure they aren’t too loud, just loud enough to make it difficult to hear the other child. Once the child has found the present have him/her bring it up to the front. Have the other children sit down.
Ask the child if it was hard to listen to the right person? Ask if he had to concentrate really hard to listen to that person? Have the child open up the gift and read it aloud.
Explain to the children that what the children just did is like the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost speaks in a still small voice.
Share a story with the children of listening to the Holy Ghost or share a personal story of a time that you listened to the Holy Ghost.

Tell the children that sometimes the Holy Ghost speaks to us through feelings. Share the different ways the Holy Ghost talks to us:

We feel it in our hearts

– have them touch their hearts

Sometimes words or thoughts come into our minds

– have them touch their heads

And sometimes we may hear a voice

– have them touch their ears.-(You could also have them look up scriptures to learn the different ways we can be prompted by the Holy Ghost.)

Tell the children that in order to be guided by the Holy Ghost, we must first do things that will help invite the Spirit. If we do bad things, the Holy Ghost won’t be able to help guide us.
Show the children your poster- board. Show them each side: Invites the Spirit & Turns the Spirit Away.
Next, show the children your bucket and tell them that in the bucket are pieces of paper with different things written on them. They will need to take turns coming up and choosing a piece of paper. They will then need to decide which side it goes on…whether it ‘Invites the Spirit’ or ‘Turns the Spirit Away’.
At the end sing ‘The Holy Ghost’. Have them sing very reverently. You could also ask how everyone feels…do you feel the Spirit? Close by bearing your testimony of the Holy Ghost.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day & a great Sharing Time!

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