1 Nephi 7-8, 10

I’m feeling better about Seminary this week as things have settled down.  I’m also glad I held out on the manual — the last two lessons have been usable for me, and made planning a lot easier.  Earlier in the week it was looking like the manual was going to be unusable.  I’m glad I was wrong. 1 Nephi 7-8 To open this lesson I asked for three volunteers to…
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Gratitude Activities

1. Learn the songs “Thank Thee, Father,” “I Love to Pray,” and “Can a Little Child Like Me?” (Children’s Songbook, pp. 24, 25, and 9 respectively). Have the children name the blessings they are thankful for that are mentioned in the songs. Write the blessings on separate cards. Pass a card (or cards) to each class and have the children draw pictures of each blessing. Then sing the songs again…
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Prophets testify of Jesus Christ

Primary Talks

Karen Ashton, “Sharing Time: The Prophets Testify of Jesus Christ’s Birth,” Friend, Dec 1997, 14 Behold, I am Jesus Christ, whom the prophets testified shall come into the world (3 Ne. 11:10). From the time of Adam, righteous men looked forward to the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The prophets taught that Jesus Christ would come to save all of Heavenly Father’s children from death. They also…
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