2 Peter to Jude

This week we are wrapping up the epistles prior to our 3 week study of Revelation.  We got a little nerdy this week…. 2 Peter 1-3 For this class, I had students open up their scriptures to 1 Peter 1:2-10 and write a mathematical equation for the verses.  Theirs was even better than mine — somehow I had ignored the word multiplied.  Turned out pretty well.  As a group we…
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1-3 John, The Gospel Truth Is “Gnot” A Secret!

Downloaded from: I had the title song for “Mission Impossible” (an appropriate version) playing in the background as student entered class. It would be fun to dress in a way that fits the lesson, but I did not have that much forethought… There were TOP SECRET folders on each desk when the students came in (Except for […]

Almost finished with Isaiah

After the lesson on Isaiah 29, suddenly the Isaiah lessons started going much more smoothly. I’m not sure why that lesson was so particularly hard, but it was. That’s the chapter with the scripture mastery in it. I think that I added that one to the reading list. Talk about difficult. But I guess I caught my stride, and the Isaiah lessons haven’t been the terrible slog I thought they’d…
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