1 Corinthians 1-14

Ocassionally I get a comment or email from a teacher lamenting that I’m behind them on the lesson schedule.  It may be rough for the three or four people that read this blog, but for me, it’s fantastic.  I get to see everyone else’s ideas before I need to give my lesson. But last year and this, I start to catch up with other teachers in March — just in…
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1 Corinthians 7-11, Cool Answers For Hot Topics

Downloaded from: The Corinthian Saints had written to Paul and asked him many questions. We learn what those questions were by his answers to them. Look for Paul’s counsel on these issues and think about how they relate to you. Each group gets a whiteboard. Groups take turns being the answer group. The other groups are trying to […]

Quote on the board

Have a short (I mean it — SHORT), great quote written on the board when students come into class. They will read it and begin to focus on the topic of your lesson before you even say a word. I’ve done this with gospel quotes and other quotes, like “With Great Power comes Great Responsibility.” It helps students get their minds on topic even before the prayer. If they already…
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Minor Prophets – 1

Here’s my lessons up to today. I will post pictures and handouts as soon as I can. Hosea 1-3 Lesson objective: Students will learn that God loves his people and desires them to enter into his covenant. He is willing to “pay” to have them. On the board I wrote, “What are you worth to Heavenly Father?” (1 Corinthians 7:23) I explained to the class that today we are having…
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