Scripture Mastery Games

Give each student a 3X5 card and have them write the reference to the SM they “own” (have chosen ahead of time to teach the class) at the top. Now they each choose 5 important words from their scripture to be come the forbidden words and write these below the reference.

Teacher gathers the cards and places them in a pile face down.

Divide into teams.

One player from team one becomes the clue giver, takes a game card from the pile and shows it to the teacher.

Set the timer for 30 seconds.

He then gives clues to his team members while they try to guess which SM reference is written at the top of the card. He may not use numbers, hand gestures, or any of the 5 forbidden words written below on the card. The teacher makes sure none of the forbidden words are said.

If the team guesses correctly, another card is drawn by the same clue giver and play continues until the timer rings.

A point is awarded for every card they guessed correctly.

If a forbidden word is used, play is stopped for that round and no points are awarded for that card.

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