Suck Up

Scripture Mastery Games

Give each team an envelope with the SM cut up into small phrases. The students lay out the pieces onto a table. Teacher says “go” and they must transfer the words to a second table and put them in the correct order. The catch? They each have a straw (to suck up each piece for transit). If a word drops they must use the straw to pick it up.


Suck it Up

items needed:
1. large straws (I go to gas station mini marts and offer to buy a handful. They never charge me. Skinny ones with flexible parts will not work),
2. small, white SM card set for each student (the ones the church provides)

I have students play in teams where they split the cards equally between the team. This way everyone has equal opportunities and have to participate.  Students sit in chairs, equal distance from the teacher. Students have the SM cards they have learned so far in front of them or on the carpet within easy reach. Each student has a large straw.

Teacher holds up a picture of the scripture mastery or gives a clue. Students must select the card that matches and then with the straw in their mouth they must suck it up so the card is “stuck” to the end of the straw and walk up and drop the card in the teachers hand. If the card drops they have to return to their seat and start over.

Students love this game because anyone can drop their card at any time so you never know who will actually win. Just because they see someone already up does not mean their card won’t drop unexpectedly.  I’ve noticed slow and steady wins the race. I keep score one the board.

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