Sock ’em

Scripture Mastery Games

Here’s what you need:
• Pieces of paper each with a scripture mastery reference (students can prepare these).
• Tape
• A pair of rolled socks (or soft Nerf ball) (I used dry “splash balls”) (or sponge balls)

Here’s how to prepare:
• Remove all breakable items from your classroom
• Tape the scripture mastery references around the room (students can help)
• Set chairs up for the number of teams you’ll have
• Explain the game, and then assign students into teams
• Hand a pair of rolled socks to one member on each team

Here’s how to play:
• The game host (usually the teacher) gives a scripture mastery clue
• All students on each team are free to give the answer to the member of their team who has the socks
• The student with the socks tries to have their socks touch the correct scripture mastery reference before any other team
• Before the next round begins the socks are given to another student on the same team

Some additional information…
• Students may throw, lob, or carry their socks in an effort to touch the correct reference
• Students are not penalized if their socks touch incorrect scripture mastery pictures (or miss completely)
• One point is awarded to the team whose sock first touches the correct paper
• Only the “designated student” may touch their socks during that round. For example, if John throws his pair of socks at a picture but misses, Jane cannot pick up the socks and try to hit the correct picture.
• You can play with all 25 scripture mastery scriptures or any smaller number

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