Skittles Suckers

Scripture Mastery Games

Goal: Score as many points for your team as possible by moving skittles from the table into a cup using a straw.

? One paper cup per team
? Large bag of skittles
? Box of straws
? Chalkboard or whiteboard for keeping score

– Each team is awarded the number of skittles that are in their cup after each turn

How To Play:
1. Divide the class into two teams

2. Place the cup, straws and a pile of skittles at the end of the table for each team

3. One person is the ?sucker? and the other team members are ?chasers?

4. Choose a ?stopper? from each team. This person will yell ?Stop!? when their entire team has found the scripture mastery

5. Give the scripture mastery clue or verse.

6. Both teams chase for the scripture mastery and both ?suckers? begin moving skittles from the table to the cups using their straws

7. The person sucking skittles for each team is ?stopped? by all the members of the other team finding the scripture mastery scripture.

8. Count the number of skittles in each team?s cup and award the teams with those points

9. Rotate the ?suckers? every time or every other time.

-? You could play with three teams and have one team observe while the other two teams take a turn.

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