Shock Ball

Scripture Mastery Games

I have a Shock Ball that I bought at for around $20. It’s a small plastic ball with metal discs around the outside that emit a small electric pulse at random. Set a timer for 1-3 minutes. Allow students to look over a scripture mastery passage until the buzzer sounds. Students sit in a circle with their scriptures open to the scripture mastery lying on the ground in front of them. Students pass the ball from one to another (NO THROWING). Each student must keep the ball held tightly in his or her hands until he says the next word of the passage correctly. Looking at scriptures is allowed, but that takes time — motivating kids to learn the passage and pass the ball quickly. If someone drops or throws the ball, they are out until the next round. My students love, love, love this game.


– Closed scripture
– Say 2-3 words at a time
– Say a sentence/verse at a time
– Teacher says “reverse” or “skip”, causing the direction of the ball being passed to change or to skip a person

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