Scripture Scramble Puzzle

This great idea comes from Shauna at

As students arrive, each seat has 2-3 post-it notes with a word, number, or punctuation mark. When I tell them to go, they must work as a group to get their words in order to make a scripture mastery scripture. Until they see who has the name of the book and some of the numbers, they generally have no idea which scripture they are trying to put together.

I like to do this on Monday and as the week progresses, I take a few post it notes down at a time and have the class repeat it with fewer words. If they already know the scripture, I have them face the back wall when we recite it.

A Teaching Moment

A new twist: Last week, I would not allow the students who are Scriptorians or Master Scriptorians to help with the scripture scramble. It was a great teaching moment when the other students realized how heavily they relied on those who know all the scriptures.

I compared this to their future as missionaries, teachers, parents, etc. and pointed out that no one would be there to help them when they need to find a scripture to teach a certain concept. I shared that they need to stand on their own and know the scriptures without the assistance of others.

I testified that if they do their part to learn and know the scriptures now, they would have the help of the Holy Ghost to recall what they had learned in Seminary at the moment they need it the most in the future.

See Shauna’s photos of this activity at her blog:

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