Scripture Samurai

Scripture Mastery Games

Scripture Samurai is one of my favorite Scripture Mastery Games ever. It is especially good for students to learn the key words associated with each scripture mastery. To play you need to get a pool noodle and cut it in half. That will be your Samurai sword. Arrange the tables to face each other in whatever shape, according to how many students you have. If you have a small class, two tables facing each other, and if you have a large class, you could have 5 tables in a pentagon shape with 5 students at each table. The samurai will be in the middle of the tables. The desks should be cleared of everything (including scriptures) unless they still need their book marks to know the references. In front of each student needs to be a paper hanging from his spot with a reference like, D&C 25:15. The teacher starts it by calling out someone’s key words. The person with that reference written in front of their desk needs to call out another person’s key words before the samurai hits their DESK (not student) with the noodle. Then the student with the scripture associated with those key words needs to call another’s key words… If the student’s desk is hit before another’s key words are said, then the samurai sits in their spot and that person becomes the new samurai. There will be one more student than spots to sit and you can only do as many spots (and scripture references) as you have students (maximum 25).

You can change things up a little bit by having students all move one chair to the right.

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