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By Tara Brannelly Hale
Tara Brannelly Hale:
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I set up the class with the chairs in 4 circles. ( I have 32 students)
Each team and myself gets one dry erase board and marker
They will need their scriptures (of course) and a paper and pencil
Each team picks from a central set of scripture mastery cards (this way there are no repeats).
I had each team choose 5 (but you can do more or less depending on time)
Then I give the teams 5 or so minutes to come up with clues to the scripture mastery scriptures they chose and write them down. I challenged to be clever but CLEAR because several SM’s are very similar in their meaning.
The teams then need to put away any SM materials except their scriptures. Each team takes a turn presenting their clue. The other teams and I guess. If the teams and I guess correctly we each get a point, if we don’t the team presenting gets the points. Bonus: If they stump me they get my cumulative points. (it’s hard to stump me)

They had a lot of fun with this and it was fun for me to see how creative they got with the clues. Some were even acted out.

My favorite of the day was:
“you can, touch this!”
Can you guess ;)
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