March Madness, Baby! ? (for the classroom)

Scripture Mastery Games

Submitted by: Chuck Kipp
Added: June 22, 2008
Duration: >30 minutes


  • 2 buckets or 2 garbage cans
  • 4 chairs to use as part of the game
  • 2 Wadded up paper balls or nerf balls or bean bags
  • Scripture Mastery Cards ? Use the cards on Bro. Kipp?s Seminary Place or use the cards provided by CES (
  • Chalkboard or Whiteboard for Keeping Score


  • Try to accumulate the most points by making baskets from the shooting chair.
  • Score two points for each made basket
  • Score three points for longer shots

How To Play:

  • Set up classroom as shown in diagram below for 2 teams; if you have a very large room you could set up for three or more
  • Divide the class into 2 teams
  • Give each team a set of scripture mastery cards and have them spread the cards out on the floor in front of them; tell them to become very familiar with the cards that are in front of them
  • Game play begins by saying a scripture mastery clue out loud or reading the mastery verse verbatim
  • Both teams are playing at the same time
  • One of the team members grabs the scripture mastery card from the floor and hands it down the line to team member 1.
  • Team member 1 runs and puts the card in the bucket, and then runs to the shooting chair.
  • From the shooting chair, they are allowed to make one attempt.
  • If they make the shot, award the team two points and go on to the next clue.
  • If they don?t make the shot, they must rebound their own ball and hand it to team member 2.
  • Team member 2 runs to the shooting chair and makes one attempt.
  • If they make the shot, award the team two points and go on to the next clue.
  • If they don?t make the shot, they must rebound their own ball and hand it to team member 3.
  • Once a shot is made, award that team 2 points and go on to the next clue.
  • Team member 2 is the first to shoot, regardless of the team member that shot last in the previous round.
  • After each made shot, the teacher should check the buckets to make sure the right card was placed. This is a good time to review the verse.
  • If a wrong card was placed in the bucket, allow the other team to send a designated shooter to the shooting chair and attempt a ?foul shot?
  • Work quickly so that you can cover all 25 scripture mastery verses

Here?s the MADNESS and what makes the game really fun!

After 2 or 3 of the scripture mastery clues have been given, change the chairs or the shot in some way. Only one rule

Here are some ideas that I have used:

  • Turn the chair the other way so they have to shoot over the back of the chair
  • Bank shot – has to hit off the chair and go in to get points
  • Hook shot – turn the shooting chair sideways so that they have to shoot a hook shot
  • Granny shot – underhand
  • Other hand – they must shoot with their non-shooting hand
  • Through the hole over the bucket – put the bucket on the floor and turn the chair over and put it over the bucket. They must make it through the hole in the chair.
  • Backwards – Turn the shooting chair 180 degrees so that the shooter has to shoot it over their shoulder
  • Off the ceiling – must bank the ball off the ceiling and into the bucket

CAUTION: only use this one if you are using paper balls or

  • The Long Ball Move the bucket chair and the shooting chair farther away from each other. I usually end the game with 2 of these shots.
  • These shots are obviously harder. There will be times when neither team makes the attempt. If 3 or 4 team members have attempted a shot and a shot has not been made, say out loud, “OK, two more times!” Allow 2 more shooters to make an attempt, and if no one makes it, move on to the next clue.

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