High Card

Scripture Mastery Games

This Scripture Mastery game is to help students recall the references from key words(but just a few at a time); so don’t let students tell each other the references.

To play, divide students evenly into rows (no more than 5 in a row). Then each row is given a stack of 25 cards with a Scripture Mastery Reference written on each (you can also use a regular stack of Scripture Mastery Cards that they got at the beginning of the year). These cards are disseminated evenly among the students in that row. Give the students a minute to familiarize themselves to the key words and references of their cards. Then the teacher calls out some key words. Only one person on each row will be able to hold up that card. The first person who holds up that card wins a point for their row.

After they are very familiar with their cards, have them rotate their hand of cards to the person behind them, and the person in the back to the front. Give them another minute to get familiar and play some more. After the game, they should have become quite familiar with the key words and references (if you didn’t let them help each other).

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