Four in a Row

Scripture Mastery Games

Draw a 5X5 grid. Each team has a different color marker.

You read a SM clue and the team to answer first gets to “X” out a square. Gravity counts (i.e. you must start at the bottom and work your way up; you can place your mark on top of another mark—just no “floating” marks.) Read another clue and the first to answer places an X in one of the squares. And continue. If your mark is the fourth X in a row (either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) then draw a line through all four boxes with your color marker.

The four X’s do not have to be only your team color—they can be any color. However, once a block has a line through it, that block can not become part of different “four in a row”.

Once all 25 SM clues have been read, then each team gets one point for every X in their color. Plus, each team gets an additional point for every line that was drawn in their color.

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