Cup Tower

Scripture Mastery Games

You need 12 styrofoam cups per team, each marked with a colored stripe so the teams know their color. On the board write out the SM so that the entire scripture is divided into four equal lines, and number the lines 1-4. Have all the cups separated and grouped in colors. All students begin sitting down in a line. When you say “go”, who ever is first in line, stands up and reads line 1 of the SM out loud from their seat. When they have completed their line, they race to the pile of cups, grab a cup of their color, return to their team and place the cup on their team table. The next person stands and reads line 2, then retrieves a second cup. Repeat the process (person number 5 in line will start over by reading line 1). Etc. The first team to stack their cups into a tower (pyramid) is the winner. You can repeat the game after erasing several words from each line.

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