Box it in

Scripture Mastery Games

Prepare a 5X5 grid, but erase each corner and place a small circle there instead:

Divide into several teams and give each team a different color marker. You read the SM clue. The first to locate the scripture (or give the correct answer), comes to the board and draws (with their color marker) a star in any circle.

Read the next clue and continue playing. If the drawn star completes a box, [i.e. there were already stars (of any color—they don’t all have to be from the same team) in three corners of the box and he just drew a star in the last corner] then a bonus question is immediately asked to the team who filled in the fourth corner. If they answer the bonus question correctly, then they put a big star inside the box.

When done, score one point for each star inside a circle and two points for each star inside a box.

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