Blind Flippers

Scripture Mastery Games

Submitted by: Chuck Kipp
Added: March 5, 2008
Duration: 10 to 30 minutes

Goal: Find the scripture mastery scripture as fast as possible with your eyes closed, receiving ?flipper? clues from your partner.

? Scriptures
? Chalkboard or whiteboard for keeping score

– Score one point for each partnership that finds the scripture mastery verse(s) within a certain time limit OR
– Score one point for the first two or three partnerships to find the scripture mastery verse(s)

How To Play:

  • Divide the class into 4-6 partnerships
  • Give a scripture mastery clue or begin reading the verse(s) out loud
  • One person (flipper) must keep their eyes closed while flipping the pages of their scriptures
  • The other person tells the flipper to turn back or forward
  • Based on how you choose to score, give points to the appropriate teams
  • Give the next clue
  • After every 2 or 3 scriptures, have the other person in the partnership be the ?flipper?

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