Duties / Work of the Relief Society President – sample

When I was released, I wrote the following instructions for the upcoming new Relief Society president to try to make the transition a little easier for her. Your instructions will be different, but this is so that you can get an idea of what a president of the Relief Society might do in her calling.

Some of this may have changed. For example, I don’t know if the new handbook has instructions for stewardship (PPI) interviews in it any more. And now Welfare meeting is eliminated and Ward Council is bi-monthly.

My Duties / Upcoming Items

– presidency meeting
– missionary correlation meeting (member of presidency can represent)
– Secretary creates agenda for Sunday meeting
– Education counselor checks with teachers to ensure they are prepared to teach on Sunday
– make sure our announcements get to secretaries in Primary and YW

Bi-monthly meetings with Bishopric
– Welfare (PEC and RS Presidency, excluding secretary) and Ward Council
– meets 7:30 AM in PEC room or Bishop’s office

5th Sundays
– Bishopric plans the meeting/music; you could be asked to speak
– You will have a Stewardship Interview with Bishop, usually partially combined with the YW president with this Bishop

Every 4 weeks
– Prepare Bishop’s Storehouse orders (you may have to remind the Bishop)

– Give Ward Council calendar to Secretary
– Secretary creates newsletter
– Secretary reports attendance to clerks
– VT reports are entered by the VT leader; must be entered by the 7th of each month for the clerks to report to the stake
– Receive a report from the Compassionate Service Leader; I just pass it on to the Bishop; this report does not go on to the Stake (that I know of anyway)

Random Timing
– VT changes, email them to Bishop for his approval, then to VT Leader to enter in the computer
– Check VT reports to identify problems
– Compassionate Service – delegate, delegate, delegate.

Quarterly Enrichments
– Planned by the Enrichment Night Leader (name here) under the direction of the RS presidency

Bi-annual Temple Trips
– The High Priest’s Group is currently pushing 2 ward temple trips — each the weekend before General Conference; I have usually tried to help out by sending around a babysitting list to the YW and then photocopying it for RS/Primary/YW/Priesthood leaders
– For the carpool, we just show up at the Church at a set time and pile up in cars; no sign up is needed (just like our monthly trips)

– Visits to members in need or new move-ins
– Enrichment meetings (like Tots, Temple Trips, and recipe group)
– We have asked the YW/YM to teach Primary so the mothers could come to RS on Mother’s day; this will be up to you and the Primary President to determine if you want to continue.
– Girls’ Night Out – we go out to dinner with the wives with deployed spouses and a few others (new members, name here, others that need fellowshipping) each month, usually on a Friday night. If you don’t think you can keep this going with your presidency, please let me know and I’ll do it. It’s super important that these sisters have this opportunity for fellowshipping and fun.

Annual RS/Priesthood lessons (2/3 Sundays)
– Books are released in Fall of preceding year; Education Counselor will provide a count of books we need to Ward Executive Secretary; be sure to include a few extras to deliver to less actives or homebound members and YW moving up to RS
– The stake usually makes a schedule and emails it out; then we photocopy it onto half sheets and glue it into each manual (for both the Priesthood and RS members) so everyone will have the schedule
– 2010 and 2011’s text will be the new Gospel Essentials book.

TFOT (4th Sunday) Lessons
– Lessons are assigned by stake leaders and will come out by email to RS presidents through bishops or the stake RS president, usually at the end of April and end of October

Annual Leadership Swap
– A Young woman will be assigned to shadow you on a Sunday to see what you do in your calling. I picked the lucky girl up and took her to whatever meetings I had that day; I also let her make the report in that meeting. (It’s usually best to do this on a Sunday that isn’t Welfare Sunday.)

Annual Turkey Baskets
– Delivered in November and December; member of RS presidency to pick up at AddressHere Rd. building
– In the past, RS has assembled non-perishable items in baskets, and using Name Here’s deep freeze and fridge to hold the turkeys and perishable items overnight, and the Priesthood has taken them to the Church in a truck for delivery to families by home teachers
– We have recently started doing hams for Christmas and turkeys for Thanksgiving so the families don’t end up with so much turkey
– Buy laundry baskets to hold food, ribbons to decorate if desired
– Plan menu based on items from Bishop’s Storehouse; refer to previous orders for help. This year, the seasonal items like stuffing, nuts, candy, and turkeys have already been ordered. They will be delivered at the regular truck schedule.
– Budget for this comes out of the Fast Offering.

Annual Father’s Day gift
– Purchase approximately 8 dozen donuts (9 dozen if FBI group is large); and milk, cups, napkins (we don’t use plates for cost reasons)
– RS delivers donuts to Priesthood the last 5 minutes of the 3-hour block
– Remind Priesthood about deliveries a week or so in advance so the teachers will know to end their lessons a little early
– We include this in our budget, but I believe it should be taken out of the general fund, just like the Mother’s Day gifts….

Annual Calendaring Meeting
– This remains incomplete for 2010, and you’ll get to work on it again a little later in the year. Our quarterly Enrichment dates and temple trips were set, but you can still change them if you want
– Notify OtherName Ward of our Enrichment dates; they usually hold theirs on the first Thursdays of each month, so I try to avoid that date if possible

Annual CleanOutTheWardList Meeting
– Don’t miss this one: this is the meeting where we go name by name on the ward list to see if we’ve forgotten to move the records of anyone who has moved. We also give a little history and background of less active members and assign auxiliaries or missionaries to go visit them. This meeting will be really helpful for you to get to know ward members better. I will give you notes from our last meeting that will be a lot of help.

AMCAP Conference
– Optional attendance but very highly recommended; I like my counselors and secretary to go
– This is a conference given by LDS counselors and psychotherapists who deal with divorce, grieving, pornography, depression, addictions, and many other mental health issues that affect our members; several workshops will be given during the day, and it’s nice if you can have people attend different classes to get all the handouts and information
– Open to all members, but mostly leaders attend
– In the past we have given out copies of the better handouts to women in Primary, YW, and RS

Stake RS Leadership Training
– Will be announced and invitations sent, planned for October 24 (this is not a good meeting, but I always go jic something great comes out)


Other Upcoming:

– 21-day missionary program. You’ll start this your first day, I expect.
– Name Here will need a release from VT Coordinator shortly before her baby is born.
– We’ve tuned in the names Name Here for Humanitarian Specialist and AnotherName Here for RS Chorister. You may need to follow up on these or find new people for these positions.
– Name Here is having surgery October #. Name Here is in the know on this. You’ll probably want to contact NameHere to find out if she’ll allow meals in and then schedule them with your compassionate service leader, Name Here. (Name Here is the home teacher, so please call on [them] to provide a meal.)
– Name Here is supposed to go back to work
– You probably know that Name Here deployed on September 17 for 4 months to Afghanistan.
– Name Here – follow up with the priesthood to make sure she gets yard help through the end of fall and help with her steep driveway during the winter.
– Name Here – may have a new job as a preschool teacher. You’ll want to keep up on this in case she doesn’t need help with food orders any more.
– Name Here – waiting for information on her disability application. She should know if she was accepted by the end of October. She appreciates being checked on about this.
– A suggestion — We got off on the order of our RS lessons last month, the Joseph Smith lesson on the Relief Society was skipped, and several women told me they were disappointed. In October there is no first Sunday lesson, but in November, according to our rotation, it’s the President’s turn to teach. You may want to teach that lesson to make your lesson selection a little easier.

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