Encouraging Attendance at Home, Family and Personal Enrichment with Great Class Titles

“Delectable Danish”

How does that title capture your attention or interest? This class could be all about making Danishes, delicate breads, braided cheese breads and other delicious delicacies that your average person doesn’t know how to make.

Even though this is an interesting topic and a wonderful art to learn, the title caught your eye. Now if I was to call this class “Basic Pastry
dough’s and desserts”, of course this is essentially what this class is, it probably doesn’t bring the excitement and pique the interest as the first title did.

Put a little fun in the titles of your Home, Family and Personal Enrichment classes. Titles add some spice to the sister’s excitement! When they are excited about the class it is bound to be a success! When trying to come up with a fun, spicy title, think of a beautiful descriptive word. Let’s say
you are going to have a class about potatoes. First, think of all the words that may come to your mind when you think of the word “potato.” What about: Spud, Idaho, Eyes, Farm, Russet, Soil, Couch, Tator Tots, chips, etc.

Here are some possible catchy titles:

  • “Idaho, Home of the Russet”
  • “Spud’s Just Aren’t What They Used To Be”
  • “Mash em’, Grind em’ , Boil em’, Eat em’- What are they? SPUDS!”

Ok, let’s try this again. We are going to do a class on Personal history. The teacher is instructed to cover “the basics”. What comes to your mind?

The words: chronicle, account, history, story, journal, confidential, childhood, marriage, etc.

Now, name some words to describe it: preserving, memories, trees, jazz, etc.

  • “Making Your Own Branch On Your Genealogy Tree”
  • “Chronicles of Your Past and Present”
  • “Jazz Up Your Journals”

Are you catching on? I know some people like basic, simple things. That’s all fine and well. Your class could be about the basics, but spice up the basics! You can do this by starting with the title!

Author Shiloah Baker is a SAHM to four kids and a military
wife. She runs The Homemaking Cottage,
a site to support homemakers and share ideas needed for maintaining a home.


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