Relief Society Birthday Celebration and Party Ideas

Here is a list of ideas and skits for the Relief Society Birthday or other activities. If you have a great program or skit, please share it. (I especially like skits with references or sources.)

Relief Society Birthday Celebration Ideas, Music, and Skits

As Sisters in Zion - Extra verses / Emily H Woodmansee biography - These verses were omitted from the poem by Emily H. Woodmansee for inclusion in the 1985 LDS Hymnal, Hymns. This text is from the book Our Latter-day Hymns: The Stories and the Messages by Karen Lynn Davidson: Quote: We'll turn from our follies, our pride and our weakness, The vain,... more
A Tribute to Relief Society Presidents - SHORT form of Emma's Garden Party - My unit performed this shortened version Emma's Garden Party for the Relief Society Birthday Celebration. The abbreviated skit takes about 20 minutes to perform and uses a narrator and 14 others to read the parts of each General Relief Society President. This skit was performed by a stake in... more
Chunky Relief Society Napkin Rings - No Adhesive - These Relief Society napkin rings are chunkier than our others, and they do not require adhesives. They're the grandchild of napkin rings that originally appeared at the Martha Stewart website. Print and cut the napkin rings out. Now, at the place where the seal ends and the blue field... more
Custom Relief Society Napkins - easy - One ward made super cute napkins for a Relief Society Meeting celebrating the birthday of Relief Society. Using pinking shears, they cut out squares of white fabric, and with a marking pen, wrote the words on the fabric. I think you could do this same thing with the Relief Society seal image... more
Emma's Garden Party - I just want to thank whoever wrote "Emma's Garden Party" I was asked to direct a show for RS Bday party this month. We found "Emma's...." on your website, Jenny, and just performed the show tonight. It was marvelous and inspirational. The spirit spoke to all as we honored our General RS... more
Emma Smith's Garden Party - This skit was performed by a stake in Kearns, Utah, in 2005, but I have no other information on it's origin or history. The full version of the skit has music that relates to the era of each of the Relief Society presidents, and calls for performers to wear clothing typical of the time. This Stake... more
EnrichmentCottage: - Check out the "purse"onal Relief Society Birthday Skit at the Enrichment Cottage.
Enrichment Night: 72 hour kit display - This is a photograph from the activity Relief Society Birthday Celebration "Something Extraordinary: Relief Society of the Past, Present, and Future": 5 Ideas for the Relief Society Birthday Celebration - "Next month is the Relief's Society birthday. One of main Enrichment nights is supposed to focus specifically on the birthday of the Relief Society. Here are five ideas for an Enrichment night to celebrate the birthday of the Relief Society....."
Here Am I; Send Me - The following video presentation was made at the General Relief Society Meeting broadcast on September 28, 2002. You can use the video (which should be in your stake library) during a RS birthday activity, or you could use the transcript below as a skit. “Video: Here Am I; Send Me,” Ensign,... more
Here am I, send me - Skit - The General Relief Society presidency did a video entitled Here am I, send me, that could be used as a simple skit in your RS birthday.
Historically Accurate Re-enactment of the First Relief Society Meeting - Heather from Women in the Scriptures has posted her fabulously detailed, historically accurate script that reenacts the very first Relief Society meeting. Her script is taken from the minutes of that very first meeting. Sisters were invited to dress in period costume. Fun!
History of Relief Society - A powerpoint presentation of the History of Relief Society and Past Presidents of the organization.
History of Relief Society Program - The Idea Door has this great History of Relief Society Program! Thanks to Becky Schultz of Sandy City, Utah for sharing this great skit! I wrote the following Readers Theater for our Relief Society Birthday party, March 2006. I had 2 narrators that took turns with the narrator parts and had... more
History of Relief Society Program 2006 Sandy Utah - I wrote the following Readers Theater for our Relief Society Birthday party, March 2006. I had 2 narrators that took turns with the narrator parts and had individual sisters read the parts of the Presidents. The program took about 30 minutes.
History of Relief Society Slide Show - We compiled a slide show of the skits of the RS history found on-line with a slide show. We showed if for the celebration of the birthday this year, but it really could be used any time. It was a big hit!
LDS Birthday Stickers
LDS Happy Birthday Stickers **NEW** - With the help of our Facebook fans, we've created our new LDS Happy Birthday stickers! For a limited time, they are available in 4 colors: pink, blue, black, and green. The most popular color(s) will be reordered and will become a permanent part of our product collection. Each 2 inch, full... more
LDS Women's History Blog - Blogger "Erin" has posted a number of biographies of LDS women on her blog, LDS Women's History. It's a fantastic blog, and great for research RS birthday celebration information. I've selected it as a featured website because efforts to document the lives of heroic Mormon Women often go... more Relief Society Birthday Party Ideas - "Dinner or Refreshment Ideas. Taco Bar--have every bring an item, such as cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, chiles, guacamole, beans, chips or hard taco shells, flour tortillas--Provide shredded chicken and/or seasoned hamburger....."
Live Up to Your Privileges - RS Birthday Skit - This Reader's Theater was provided by the General Relief Society Presidency at the Fall 2005 Open House. It has 4 reading parts, and requires no set. Period dress is not required, but appropriate. Available in Text format 3 Readers for the parts of Bathsheba Smith, Elizabeth Ann Whitney,... more
Mormon Wiki: History of Relief Society - Read about this history of the Relief Society at the Mormon Wiki.
My Sister's Hands - Music by Sally DeFord - This song would be beautiful music for the Relief Society Birthday Celebration, or for a visiting teaching workshop. Free MP3s and sheet music available. This would make a beautiful number for a unit with women of different ages or ethnicities. Sally ROCKS!
Need Video Emma's Garden Party Pictures of Gen. RS Pres.? - Where can I locate the pictures of the General RS Presidents for Emma's Garden party. We do not have them in our ward library. Also, do you have the words and music to "Sisters", the RS version. Do you have a video of Emma's Garden Party? :?: Need any information on this ASAP. We are doing... more RS birthday party ideas - RS Birthday ideas, including "Bloom Where You're Planted".
Pictures of Relief Society General Presidents - Get pictures and biographies of General Relief Society Presidents here.
Questions to help you plan your RS Birthday Party - has blogged a list of questions you might ask yourself to find a focus for your Birthday Celebration.
Re-Enactment of the First Relief Society Meeting - Heather from Women in the Scriptures has posted the following fantastic script based on the original minutes of the very first Relief Society meeting. It's the most historically accurate script out there if you'd like to re-enact the events on the day the Relief Society was organized. Heather... more
Relief Society Birthday Celebration Program - Tribute to RS General Presidents
Relief Society Birthday Celebration "Something Extraordinary: Relief Society of the Past, Present, and Future" - This year for our RS Birthday Enrichment we chose the theme "Something Extraordinary: RS of the Past, Present, and...This year for our RS Birthday Enrichment we chose the theme "Something Extraordinary: RS of the Past, Present, and Future." It was our best attended Enrichment in some time.... more
Relief Society Birthday Dinner Handout - This is a a framed plaque we gave each of our Sisters for our Relief Society Birthday Dinner. We got wood 5 x7 frames at the Dollar store and printed the quote of beige card stock. Then cut out the area for the picture. Printed the picture on photo paper and assembled the plaque.
Relief Society Charm
Relief Society Charms - Our beautiful Relief Society charms feature the initials 'RS' in a beautiful scripted font similar to the one found on the Relief Society seal. These charms are manufactured using a hypoallergenic zinc alloy that is nickel-free and lead-free and finished with a shiny silver tone coating. Each RS... more
Relief Society Cupcake Topper/Gift Tag - Use a two inch scalloped punch to create a cute and easy Relief Society tag.
Relief Society Meeting Ideas from Latter-day Chatter - Latter-day chatter has lots of ideas to help you plan a great activity, including a Pamper Yourself Night!
Relief Society Seal - Paper Napkin Rings - Doll up your Relief Society party with these cute napkin rings! They have the Relief Society logo printed on them for you! For easier wrapping, print the napkin rings on regular paper. Using a paper cutter (or ruler and X-acto knife), cut out the napkin rings along the gray lines. To wrap... more
Relief Society Symbols Handout - The seal was adjusted and simplified in 2012 to make it more useful and recognizable in a global Church. The slightly altered seal now places the name of Relief Society in prominence, more clearly identifying Relief Society as part of the Church.  The year the society was organized, 1842, was... more
Relief Society Temple Program - Our Relief Society's theme this year is temples and our goal is to renew our temple attending efforts. For our March Relief Society birthday celebration, we are having a light dinner followed by this program that celebrates the birth of the Relief Society as well as Relief Society and it's... more
Relief Society Trivia - CATEGORIESScriptures Pertaining to Relief SocietyHymns Significant to Relief SocietyGeneral Relief...CATEGORIESScriptures Pertaining to Relief SocietyHymns Significant to Relief SocietyGeneral Relief Society TriviaName That SmithQUESTIONSA. Scriptures Pertaining to Relief Society1. Sister Parkin... more
RS birthday celebration - Is this March the 169th birthday for Relief society?
RS Birthday Dinner - We had a princess party to celebrate the fact that we one day will be queens. We invited the YW to participate. We asked everyone attending to create their own crown and scepter. We encouraged everyone attending to dress as a queen or princess. During the dinner the RS sisters were actually... more
RS Declaration Subway Art - For the RS Birthday this year we decided to have a program all about the RS Declaration. We asked 11 women to each speak about one of the phrases from the declaration for two minutes. The presidency took the last 3 phrases. Each person was asked to share scriptures, quotes, stories, songs, pictures... more
RS President Birthdays - From an email: Quote:My daughter asked for my help in finding the birthdates of the General Relief Society presidents. She has found the dates for the first five and Belle Spaford but still needs the remaining dates. Would you have or can you recommend a source for that information? Any help... more
The Bread of Life Program - The Bread of Life program is spoken words and music that explore various aspects of the atonement through stories of "bread" throughout the Bible. The program explores the purpose of our trials and how Christ heals, comforts, and sustains us through them. The program is intentionally non-... more
The Foundation of Relief Society by Walter Rane - This painting is of the First Relief Society Meeting and was painted by Walter Rane. Copyright 2010, Intellectual Reserve. Free for home and church use. Used by permission.
The Ten Virgins Skit - You can buy the 10 Virgins script from
To Those Who Came Before Me - Sally DeFord - "To those who came before me in seasons long ago To those who are the loved-ones that I have yet to know To those whose noble names I bear, whose light within me burns ..." Free MP3s and sheet music available at Sally's site.
Tribute to Relief Society Presidents - I used Emma's Garden party and updated and changed it a bit. An history of US events & pop culture and the Releif Society's influence on the world.
VIDEO: President Monson and others speak on the blessings of Relief Society - This video features President Monson and other leaders speaking about the blessings of membership in Relief Society and the great power and service its members render.
VIDEO: Relief Society Birthday (short montage) - This short video montage has footage from LDS movies, pictures of LDS women today serving, and quotes from Julie Beck.
VIDEO: The First Relief Society Meeting - This YouTube video shares historical information about the first Relief Society meeting, and it also shares stories about women who further the mission of Relief Society today.
which RS President was converted after attending a RS Bday party? - I read somewhere on this site last week, that one of the General RS President joined the church when she was invited to a RS party celebrating the organization of the RS, but can't find it now.. I had never heard that story before, but it would be a perfect thing to share at our meeting this week... more
Women who knew jesus - This is a play/skit for Christmas Relief Society or Ward Party

Music Ideas

    There are several music links in the list above, plus....

    "The Spirit of God" was the opening song and "Come Let Us Rejoice," was sung at the close of the first Relief Society meeting. (MormonWiki.)

Including Transitioning Laurels at the Relief Society Birthday Party Celebration

    Mary G shared this idea: "For part of our program, we're doing the reader's theater on the Relief Society Presidents. After we discuss Sister Parkin and highlight her focus on helping Young Women transition into Relief Society, we're doing a short spotlight on the 5 Laurels in our ward that will enter Relief Society this year. We're hoping this will help the sisters know who they are and make a special effort to help them feel welcomed."

You never know who you're influencing at the Birthday Party...

    Barbara B. Smith, tenth General Relief Society President, first attended Relief Society on March 17, 1942, for the 100th anniversary Relief Society Birthday program. She was expecting a baby, and her mother didn't want to leave her alone at home. She observed, "That day at Relief Society the hundred years of Relief Society history were reviewed, a meaningful way for me to see what Relief Society was all about and how I could fit into it. I started to attend our ward Relief Society regularly soon after that." (" 'Joy in Every Minute': An Interview with Sister Barbara B. Smith," Ensign, June 1975, 61)

Jenny's history of Relief Society notes

    Presidents of the Relief Society

    1. Emma Hale Smith (1842 - 1844)
    2. Eliza R. Snow (1868 - 1887)
    3. Zina D. H. Young (1888 - 1901)
    4. Bathsheba W. Smith (1901 - 1910)
    5. Emmeline B. Wells (1910 - 1921)
    6. Clarissa S. Williams (1921 - 1928)
    7. Louise Y. Robison (1928 - 1939)
    8. Amy Brown Lyman (1940 - 1945)
    9. Belle S. Spafford (1945 - 1974)
    10. Barbara B. Smith (1974 - 1984)
    11. Barbara W. Winder (1984 - 1990)
    12. Elaine L. Jack (1990 - 1997)
    13. Mary Ellen W. Smoot (1997 - 2002)
    14. Bonnie D. Parkin (2002 - 2007)
    15. Julie Bangerter Beck (2007 - 2013)
    16. Linda K. Burton (2013- present)

    Birthdays of the Relief Society General Presidents

    I'm never quite sure why I get asked this so often, but here are the birth dates I have for the RS General Presidents:

    • Emma Hale Smith - born July 10, 1804; died April 30, 1879
    • Eliza R. Snow - born January 21, 1804; died December 5, 1887
    • Zina D. H. Young - born January 31, 1821; died August 28, 1901
    • Bathsheba W. Smith - born May 3, 1822; died September 20, 1910
    • Emmeline B. Wells - February 29, 1828; died April 25, 1921
    • Clarissa S. Williams - born 1860; died March 8, 1930
    • Louise Y. Robison - born 1866; died March 30, 1946
    • Amy Brown Lyman - born February 7, 1872; died December 5, 1959
    • Belle S. Spafford - born October 8, 1895; died February 2, 1982
    • Barbara B. Smith - born January 26, 1922; living
    • Barbara W. Winder - born May 9, 1931; living
    • Elaine L. Jack - born March 22, 1928; living
    • Mary Ellen W. Smoot - born August 19, 1933; living
    • Bonnie D. Parkin - born August 4, 1940; living
    • Julie Bangerter Beck - born September 29, 1954; living
    • Linda K. Burton - (not available online)

    If you have more information on these birth and death dates, please send it to me.

    History of the Relief Society Motto and Seal

    I got an email with some questions about the Relief Society seal and motto. Here's the information I was able to find:

      Why is the Relief Society Seal blue and gold? In short, we don't know. There is no known documentation for the color choice to be found, according to the BYU 100-hour board, and the subject is currently being researched by a BYU professor. The Young Women's organization chose green and gold as their colors in 1922 (History of YW), and my money says the decision to chose RS colors was made about the same time.

      Why does the Relief Society Seal have wheat on it? "At the outbreak of World War I, Utah Relief Societies sold their wheat storage to help the war effort and used the money to give women and their infants adequate maternity care. Since that time, wheat has been a symbol of the Relief Society’s efforts to care for others." (150th Anniversary Celebration of Relief Society, Liahona March 1992)

      When was the Relief Society motto established? The Relief society motto, "Charity Never Faileth", was selected in early 1913 by Emmeline B. Wells and her presidency. They also chose the sego lily as the emblem of Relief Society at the same time. The sego lily is a strong wildflower that has bulbs that fed starving Saints when they first settled in Utah. (Source: Women of Covenant: The Story of Relief Society by Derr, Cannon, and Beecher; p 194)

      What about the torch? 100-hour board's best guess: The torch was added to the seal in 1942 for the RS centennial celebration (BYU 100-hour board) to emphasize the theme of that celebration: "Woman's Century of Light" under the direction of RS President Amy B. Lyman (Women of Covenant p 283).

      Download a picture of the Relief Society Seal.

    Conflicting numbers of attendees at the first Relief Society Meeting

    Sometimes the question is asked why there are different numbers listed as attendees at the first RS meeting. There were 20 women actually present on March 17, 1842, namely:

    1. Emma Smith
    2. Sarah M. Cleveland
    3. Phebe Ann Hawkes
    4. Elizabeth Jones
    5. Sophia Packard
    6. Philindia Myrick
    7. Martha Knight
    8. Desdemona Fullmer
    9. Elizabeth Ann Whitney
    10. Leonora Taylor
    11. Bathsheba W. Smith
    12. Phebe M. Wheeler
    13. Elivira A. Cowles
    14. Margaret A. Cook
    15. Athalia Robinson
    16. Sarah M. Kimball
    17. Eliza R. Snow
    18. Sophia Robinson
    19. Nancy Ridgon
    20. Sophia R. Marks

    Three of the women were teenagers, and the eldest (Sarah Cleveland) was a widow in her fifties. Eleven of the women were married, two were widows, six were married, and one is unknown. Their education, backgrounds, and financial situations varied greatly. Seven other women who could not attend that day but wanted to be part of the organization were also voted in as members according to the minutes of the meeting. Three men were in attendance: Joseph Smith, Jr.; John Taylor; and Willard Richards. The Prophet opened the meeting, and Willard Richards, his personal scribe, was record-keeper. At that first meeting, Emma Smith set the precedent for Relief Society's mission of providing meaningful service by noting that one of their group, Philindia Myrick -- a widow with three children, was in need and invited the other sisters to help her by hiring her to perform needlework (Women of Covenant p 26-30)

RS Birthdays: How they did it....

Women have been celebrating the founding of Relief Society almost since it's inception. Get ideas for your celebration from reading the ways women celebrated Relief Society in the past.

  • Plant a Tree - During the 100th anniversary celebration of Relief Society, women were invited to plant trees. An English elm was planted at the Salt Lake Temple Square greenhouse with a round bronze marker reading "Relief Society Centennial Tree -- 1942". Local Relief Societies planted 874 trees at that time in the US and Canada. When the local Relief Society in New Zealand had to postpone their tree planting ceremony, one sister went out into the bush, dug up a small tree and planted it in her own garden so that the date would not go uncelebrated in that area. (Women of Covenant pps 284-285) Planting a tree might be a fun way to commemorate the birthday of Relief Society in your area.
  • Listen to a Voice Recording - Also during the 1942 100th anniversary of Relief Society, leaders send a phonograph record with the voices of President Amy B. Lyman and a blessing from Prophet and President Heber J. Grant to each English-speaking society in The US, Canada, and Mexico. This was the first time Church members in outlying areas heard the voices of their prophet and the general president of Relief Society for replaying! In one unit in Gainesville, Florida, none of their 6 members had ever attended a Relief Society meeting before, and listening to this recording at a member's home was their first meeting. (Women of Covenant pps 285-286) You could record a message from our prophet, general RS President, stake or local leader, and play it back and talk about how advances in technology further the mission of Relief Society today.
  • Assemble Humanitarian Kits - Sister Johan Mark of Canada started a nationwide effort in Canada called "Bundles for Britain" as part of the Canadian Mission's 100th RS Birthday Celebration. Twelve-pound bundles were assembled containing clothing for newborns and children were delivered regularly during the World War II. (Women of Covenant pps 285-286)
  • Use technology to reach out to distant or homebound sisters - During the sesquicentennial celebration on March 14 1992, a satellite broadcast to all five continents literally connected sisters worldwide for the first time. This effort required the use of 9 satellites, pre-taped and live talks and music, and translation into 14 languages. Nothing like this had ever been tried before. President Elaine Jack and her counselors fasted on March 5 to seek the Lord's blessing on their efforts; and at 10:00 AM MST, Sisters in the Salt Lake Tabernacle were linked live with those assembled in Frankfurt, Germany; Taipei, Taiwan; Huddersfield, England; Paris, France; Seoul, South Korea; Johannesburg, South Africa; Sydney, Australia; Auckland, New Zealand; Manila, Philippines; Tokyo, Japan; and the US and Canada. Said Sister Jack: "Never before have so many women in the world sat down together to pray, sing, and speak to each other the feelings of our hearts, to share in the ways the Lord has blessed us as women and members in his Church." (Women of Covenant pps 415-417) You can use technology, such as telephones, tape recordings, video recordings, and the Internet to reach out to homebound or ill sisters or those who live far from a meeting house.
  • Perform acts of service - The theme of the 150th anniversary of the Church was service. Members were asked by the RS general presidency to focus on service through out the year. (Women of Covenant pps 417-418)
  • Record your Relief Society history - Also at the 150th sesquicentennial, sisters were asked to record their society's history along with documentation of their service projects. You can scrapbook or quilt or make a video or collect testimonies and much more to commemorate the anniversary of this great organization in your area. (Women of Covenant p 418)


At the 100th anniversary of Relief Society Bishop LeGrand Richards, and his counselors, Marvin O. Ashton and Joseph L. Wirthlin, wrote: "A million tongues today call your names blessed... More than a thousand bishops thank God for your organization.... You are angels of mercy to more than that many wards throughout the church... May we join this day in congratulating you from the bottom of our hearts for what this hundred years has stood for: -- Kindness to the needy, Florence Nightingales to the sick, the essence of culture and champions of refinement in our Church. God bless you and all that you stand for."

Recommended Books on Relief Society History

I'd personally recommend these books on RS History:

  • Women of Covenant: The Story of Relief Society by Derr, Cannon, and Beecher; Deseret Book Company; 1992. ISBN 0-87579-593-5
  • Elect Ladies: Presidents of the Relief Society by Peterson and Gaunt (1990). Published Salt Lake City, Utah: Deseret Book Company. ISBN 0-87579-416-5.
  • History of Relief Society 1842-1966 by The Relief Society General Board Association, 1966.

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