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i love that you have these

i love that you have these primary talks, and i am thankful for them. however, everytime i get on to access them, they are not updated to the current month so they are no good for me for this sunday. am i doing something wrong to not find the current week of talks? thanks!

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Hope this helps. Feel

Hope this helps.
Feel better.
I can be a good example for my family(for 11-22-2009)

Jesus wants me to be a good example for my family. He knows my little sister watches me and learns how to act. I have seen that when I do something she sometimes does it too. I try to remember to be good so that she will be too. I know that when I do what is right I am being a good example for my family and that when I do anything wrong I am setting a bad example for my family.
I want to be a good example so, I try to learn a lot and do well at home school. I take out the recycling and clean up the toys. I take the laundry to the laundry room, and put the clean laundry away. Some times I clean up my room all by myself without being asked. I love to read scriptures with my family every night. I love to say the prayer at meals and when we read scriptures. I kneel next to my bed and say my prayers at night and sometimes in the morning. When others in my family see doing these thing sometimes it reminds them to do it too.
I want to be like Jesus. He was the best example. He said, “As I have loved you, love one another.” When I love my family I help them, and that is the best example I can be.
In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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Thank you for posting this.

Thank you for posting this. Just this morning my 9 year old informed me that not only did he have a talk today but he had lost the topic paper. Your post helped us to be able to have an idea what to write about and Benjamin learned as we wrote our own talk together. Thank you again!

Val's picture

I'm sorry to hear Feliza

I'm sorry to hear Feliza isn't well. I hope, with Heavenly Father's help she recovers soon.

I LOVE her talks for the Primary children! I'm Primary Secretary in my Ward and she has "saved" my life on numerous occasions when a child hasn't prepared or forgot their talk. I have learned from past experience to take a talk along "just in case". I stand all amazed (to quote a favourite song)at how children and parents put together brilliant talks. I'm always humbled by the talent this shows in families.

Take care Feliza and Jenny too.

With gospel love,


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I am so sorry and hope Feliza

I am so sorry and hope Feliza will get better soon! I love what you do in here, but I need your help: this is the first year I have been called at primary presidency, and now I have been asked to give a talk about "Christmas for little children", so I m wondering if anyone ca, help me, to give me some idea or stories about this theme. Thank you so much for your help!

Feliza's picture

Thank you everyone for your

Thank you everyone for your kind words and thoughts! Thank you especially Jenny for covering for me. I'm sorry I slacked. I'm hoping to take a day this week to concentrate on 2010 talks and get them ALL done before New Years. It will probably help me to find more peace. I hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas season.

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Is there any other place I

Is there any other place I can atleast the topics if each month for this year. I am sis. friendly and i give a talk once a month I love you're ideas and I know sometimes it is hard to get talks up here but I hope you can atleast let me know what the topics are for each month. thanks

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Someone told me about this

Someone told me about this site a while back but I lost the paper I wrote it on and then the other day cleaning out papers I found it. I am so glad you have these we in primary are always running into children who are assigned to talk not showing up and this will absolutely help out for now on again thanks so much