My testimony is strengthened when I share the gospel.

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My testimony is strengthened when I share the gospel. We can share our testimony in many ways. One way is by participating in Seminary when we get older.

Vika C. of Russia attends Seminary. She shares her testimony there. She says, … “I can share my thoughts and my testimony with others to strengthen my own and others’ faith. By reading the scriptures together and pondering on their spiritual content, we get closer to God and each other.”

Ksenia G. of Ukraine has seen similar results. She says, “When we share our experiences with each other, we become stronger and we understand the scriptures better. When we talk about examples from our lives during the lessons, I see the way the gospel works in my life and in the lives of others.”

I want to attend Seminary some day so that I can be prepared share the gospel with my friends and family.

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